Why Steve Yzerman Must Sign Dylan Larkin to Secure Red Wings’ Future

The Detroit Red Wings are in the midst of a rebuild, but one key piece of the puzzle is still missing: re-signing captain Dylan Larkin. The forward is in the final year of his contract and talks with the team have not yet produced a deal. However, as the trade deadline approaches and the team’s future hangs in the balance, re-signing Larkin should be a top priority for general manager Steve Yzerman.

Dylan Larkin Detroit Red Wings

Why it matters

  • Larkin is the face of the franchise and a metro-Detroit native who has played eight seasons for the team
  • Losing him would set back the team’s rebuild, as they would be more likely to get futures instead of a player of equal ability
  • Larkin’s new deal will impact other contracts, including the potential acquisition of a top-line center
  • Larkin is a leader on and off the ice, and his presence is crucial for the team’s morale and future success

Dylan Larkin By the Numbers

  • Larkin is on pace to barely eclipse his career-high of 73 points but fall short of 30 goals
  • He does not rank among the league’s top 50 scorers
  • However, Larkin is a leader in other ways, such as in faceoffs and penalty kills.

The Big Picture

Larkin has been with the Red Wings for eight seasons, he is a leader on and off the ice, and he has a passion for the team. He represents a connection to the team’s past and its future. Losing him would be a significant blow to the team and the fanbase. Signing him to a new contract is not only the best move for the present but also for the future of the team.

What’s Next

The Wings play three times in four nights this week before their “bye week,” leading into the All-Star break. Larkin will make his third All-Star appearance (Feb. 3-4) as the team’s lone representative. The Red Wings return to action on Feb. 7, the trade deadline will be 24 days later. It’s crucial for the team to reach a deal with Larkin before the trade deadline, or risk losing him for nothing in free agency.

The Bottom Line: Steve Yzerman must re-sign Dylan Larkin to ensure the future of the Detroit Red Wings. Larkin’s leadership, passion, and connection to the team make him invaluable to the team’s rebuild and future success. Losing him would be a huge blow to the team and the fanbase. It’s time for Yzerman to step up and secure Larkin’s future with the Red Wings.

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  1. Larkin is a likable player for sure but would only be a second line center on the better play off teams. He is not in top 50 in any of the scoring stats for the league. I also question his leadership abilities as most nights I don’t see the effort. That being said I believe we can do better. $8.5 million is a bit much for what he brings our team. I would take a Horvat over a Larkin all day long.

  2. I agree 100% the Yzerman needs to sign Larkin. He is BY FAR the best player on this team. The closest players to him are Yzerman’s draft picks #53 and #23. I like what Yzerman has done with adding players from free agency. I like to HC change as well. Time to sign your BEST player and continue the build to make the playoffs.

Written by Teddy Jackson

Writer for the best sports city in the world. General optimist with an analytical eye. “It has long been an axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important.” -Sherlock Holmes

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