Will Detroit Pistons Make a Draft Day Move?

9 Teams in talks to move positions in the NBA Draft

Will Detroit Pistons Make a Draft Day Move?
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Detroit Pistons and NBA Draft Movement

Ryan Griffin: Whether it’s Sacramento trying to move on from the four-pick or the Blazers trying to move on from the seven-pick. I don’t know that either would necessarily get the Detroit Pistons in a position to get a top-three pick. But if you can get the four, you can get the seven, that’s still something that I’m interested in doing because I want to see the Detroit Pistons have multiple swings at it.

There’s no guarantee the fifth pick is going to be better than whoever they take at seven. So give them two shots at it. And the real, question is where do you meet in the middle? Because I think every Piston fan would be fine with just giving up Jerami Grant and getting up a top 10 pick.

But if you’re the Kings or you’re the Blazers, or you’re maybe another team that hasn’t even been mentioned yet, is Jerami Grant enough for you to give up that pick. And then for the Detroit Pistons now, what else can you throw in on top of it? It probably not going to include Saddiq Bey in any. Probably not even going to include Isaiah Stewart in anything, honestly.

And then if you’re just going to move up to four is five plus Jerami Grant worth getting only four back. And it really depends on who’s going to be there. I think any of these trades that you’re going to see specifically like a trade for four, I think you’d have to wait until the draft day to see how the board falls. If the Rockets at three and up say they pass on Bank Herro or whichever one of the big three are left and they ended up taking Jaden Ivey or Shaedon Sharpe or whoever at three.

And then you have one of those top three guys at four, that’s where I think the Detroit Pistons become a player in that conversation. Because everything else, it just seems too far on one end like a team. Definitely wouldn’t do that deal. 

I think Jerami Grant is not enough to get the fourth pick back. And Jerami Grant at number five is too much just to go up to number four if the top three guys that we all expect are going to go are going to go. So it’s really “wait and see” for a really number four, big number seven. You can probably get a deal done a little bit earlier because one of those guys isn’t going to end up falling.

And then, can Portland throw anything in extra to sweeten the pot. They have to, I would trade Jerami straight up for seven, but is that something that the Blazers would want to do? Would they want some extra sweetener from the Detroit Pistons or something? So I think that’s the most interesting part of these teams at least from the Piston’s perspective. Can they get another top 10 pick?

Can they maneuver around? I think there’s just such a gap in value between the Piston’s fan base and then name the fan base on the other side, on what they think spare comp for their pick. 

Matt Bassin: So when I saw Oklahoma City was one of these teams that were looking to trade their pick, I got excited.

Cause I was like, hold on, they got the two pick. And I’m reading no, they want to trade the 12th pick. But it got me thinking, is there a way we can change that to the two pick? So if they offer Jerami Grant and the number five pick to Oklahoma City who already has the 12th pick, maybe we can get the two pick out of there.

And now they have five and 12, we’re back inside the top three, where we basically have the player of our choosing. Outside of probably Chet Holmgren who’s probably going number one. Everybody else is still available on the board. And now we’re not stuck with missing out on the top three who have been the name say guys for this draft the last three months.

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Ryan Griffin: Yeah. But if you’re Oklahoma City, we’re like, what do you want with Jerami Grant? Do you know what I mean? If you’re going to trade the number two pick, you’re probably going to go… what do you mean? 

Matt Bassin: They want Jerami Grant and the number five pick you get into solids, whatever position he ends up playing.

Ryan Griffin: So? What good does that do you?

Matt Bassin: What do you mean? He’s sick. He’ll give you 25 points a game!  

Ryan Griffin: Never once in his life has he scored 25 points a game, and certainly not going to happen in Oklahoma City. When you still have to get guys like Josh Giddey, Shae Gill gets the ball. So, again, I just don’t think that Thunder would do that.

If you’re a Detroit Pistons fan, I’m sure you’re like, oh, of course, the Thunder would do that. So I just think there’s a massive gulf in value. I don’t see any reason that Thunder would want to do that though. If the Thunder, we’re going to move on from number two, they’d probably swing for somebody bigger. Maybe even literally bigger. If Zion Williamson decides that he’s done with New Orleans. And then the Thunder come here offering the number two pick. And now maybe Zion or whoever else, side and trade with Aidan Igiehon. Although at a number two pick you probably value Deandre Ayton a little bit more at this point that we’ll just have to see. 

I think there’s a whole off-season of craziness that can be had. And at the Thunder, we’re looking to trade that two pick then I think there are a lot bigger names that you can grab other than Jerami Grant.

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