WHAT?!? You will not believe what Jarrad Davis said about the Detroit Lions’ roster

In 2017, the Detroit Lions finished the season 9-7, which was not enough to get them into the NFL Playoffs. After firing Jim Caldwell and hiring Matt Patricia as head coach, coupled with general manager Bob Quinn insisting the Lions talent is better than nine wins, the hope was the team would return to the playoffs in 2018.

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As we know, that will not be the case as the Lions are sitting at 5-10 with just one game left on their schedule. Though they were able to beat the New England Patriots and hanging around against playoff teams like the Los Angeles Rams and Dallas Cowboys, it never seemed like the Lions had the talent or depth needed to make a run at the playoffs.

Well, at least one Lions’ player disagrees with that statement.

On Thursday, Lions’ second-year linebacker Jarrad Davis spoke to reporters and he has not too happy about how the season has played out. In fact, Davis’ believes the current roster is good enough to be in the playoffs.

From Detroit Free Press:

“I don’t want to watch anybody play because I know we got a team that’s good enough to go out there and play versus anybody this year but we didn’t do enough to win the games that we needed to, to put us in that situation to be in the playoffs,” Davis said. “So just got to go home and I got to suck it up and watch those games, man, just cause I love the game. I’m not going to sit home and not watch the game.”

“I can’t tell you,” he said. “Like I just, I don’t know. We had so many games where it’s one point here, it’s three points there. it’s a two-possession game there. It’s certain things that we just did not do to get wins and we were closer. We were so close so many times, too many times to say that we’re not capable of getting those games. So it’s just something that we got to continue to go back and do what we do in the offseason and that’s self-evaluate and figure out exactly what went wrong and what we need to be tighter on.”

Nation, do you agree with Jarrad Davis? Do the Lions have the talent needed to be a playoff team?

What do you think?

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