With at least 5 NFL teams circling, Michigan offers Jim Harbaugh ‘interesting’ extension

If you are not a fan of Jim Harbaugh getting a contract extension with the University of Michigan, you may want to stop reading this report immediately.

Last chance….

Okie dokie, here we go.

According to a report from John U. Bacon, “UM AD Warde Manuel has discussed with Jim Harbaugh a new contract with lower base salary and buyout, though with good provisions to hire top assistants and large incentives for performance.”

Bacon added that the ball is now in Harbaugh's court to accept, negotiate, or decline the offer on the table from Michigan.

In addition, Bacon included that at least five NFL teams have expressed interest in hiring Harbaugh but it is not clear if any ‘firm' offers have been made.

Nation, where will Harbaugh be coaching in 2021? Do you think he will actually accept what could end up being a pay cut?