JUST IN: DSN’s Week 11 NFL Power Rankings

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With a monster victory, the New Orleans Saints hold on to the top spot, and the Oakland Raiders remain in the bottom spot. Between the two are a ton of changes. Where is your squad in the Week 11 NFL Power Rankings?

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#1 New Orleans Saints (8-1)

Weekly Results: W, 51-14 @ Cincinnati Bengals

Ranking Points: 184.57

Last Week:  1   Change: —

Note: The Saints have shown that they are the team to beat with another decimating win.

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#2 Pittsburgh Steelers (6-2-1)

Weekly Results: W, 52-21 vs. Carolina Panthers

Ranking Points: 162.23

Last Week: 4    Change: +2

Note: Another team that just finds a way to win. Definitely one of the top teams in the AFC.

#3 Kansas City Chiefs (9-1)

Weekly Results: W, 26-14 vs. Arizona Cardinals

Ranking Points: 143.2

Last Week: 2     Change: -1

Note: When you squeak by a bad team like Arizona, either you had a bad week or teams are starting to figure you out.

#4 Los Angeles Rams (9-1)

Weekly Results: W, 36-31 vs. Seattle Seahawks

Ranking Points: 126.8

Last Week: 5   Change: +1

Note: This Rams team wins ugly too.  Once you get to the playoffs, the teams are all going to be good.  For the Rams to be the best, they have to win some handily.

#5 Tennessee Titans (5-4)

Weekly Results: W,  34-10 vs. New England Patriots

Ranking Points: 121.02

Last Week: 13    Change: +8

Note: Mariota is healthy and rolling.  He makes this team so much better.

#6 Chicago Bears (6-3)

Weekly Results: W, 34-22 vs. Detroit Lions

Ranking Points: 110.8

Last Week: 8    Change: +2

Note: Another big, dominating win for the Bears. The offense, when clicking on all cylinders is hard to stop. The defense will knock you on your ass. Same as last week.

#7 Minnesota Vikings (5-3-1) 

Weekly Results: Bye Week

Ranking Points: 104.92

Last Week: 9    Change: +2

Note: Not a dominating offensive performance by any means, but that D, that defense is capable of big things!

#8 Los Angeles Chargers (7-2)

Weekly Results: W, 20-6 @ Oakland Raiders

Ranking Points: 102.85

Last Week: 7    Change: -1

Note: The Chargers D is tough and they are good enough to hold the team together when the offense struggles.

#9 Houston Texans (6-3)

Weekly Results: Bye Week

Ranking Points: 94.2

Last Week: 10    Change: +1

Note: The trade for Demaryius Thomas looks like a brilliant move. It will help to replace Fuller and keep double teams off DHop. 6 in a row looks good on this team with a standout D.

#10 New England Patriots (7-3)

Weekly Results: L, 10-34 @ Tennessee Titans

Ranking Points: 92.05

Last Week: 3   Change: -7

Note: The Patriots came out and fell flat on their faces.  This is not the dominating Patriots that you might be used to. This is the Patriots that win games ugly and when they lose, it’s even uglier.

#11 Baltimore Ravens (4-5)

Weekly Results: Bye Week

Ranking Points: 86.84

Last Week: 14    Change: +3

Note: Two losses in a row for this team. This is still the best under .500 team in the NFL. Need to figure some things out in the Bye Week.

#12 (tie) Dallas Cowboys (4-5)

Weekly Results: W, 27-20 @ Philadelphia Eagles

Ranking Points: 83

Last Week: 18    Change: +6

Note: The D played strong in the 1st half and held Philly off. RB Elliott is a stud and if they can play as they did against the defending champs, they could make a run at a playoff spot

#12 (tie) Seattle Seahawks (4-5)

Weekly Results: L, 31-36 @ Los Angeles Rams

Ranking Points: 83

Last Week: 15    Change: +3

Note: So this team is so close to winning games against good teams.  I’m not sure what it will take, but I think they hang in the middle of the pack (11-20) all season.

#14 Carolina Panthers (6-3)

Weekly Results: L, 21-52 @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Ranking Points: 81.05

Last Week: 6    Change: -8

Note: Carolina is going to get their points and their D will do what’s necessary to win. Can they hold their spot? They have 2 tilts vs. N.O. remaining and a tough one next week vs. Pitt.

#15 Denver Broncos (3-6)

Weekly Results:  Bye Week

Ranking Points: 76.4

Last Week: 16    Change: +1

Note: So, there go the playoff hopes for this team.  A 7-game run is not likely as QB Keenum is not coming anywhere close to earning his mega paycheck.

#16 Philadelphia Eagles (4-5)

Weekly Results: L, 20-27 vs. Dallas Cowboys

Ranking Points: 75.9

Last Week: 11    Change: -5

Note: Although the offense seemed to click in the 2nd half, it wasn’t enough.  This D is struggling and now DB Darby added to those out for the year.

#17 Green Bay Packers (4-4-1)

Weekly Results:  W, 31-12 vs. Miami Dolphins

Ranking Points: 72.05

Last Week: 17   Change: —

Note: Still 3rd in line in the division and injuries are mounting!

#18 Indianapolis Colts (4-5)

Weekly Results: W, 29-26 vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

Ranking Points: 66.65

Last Week: 19    Change: +1

Note: Got through by the skin of their teeth. we shall see where they go from here. Luck is the real deal though.

#19 Atlanta Falcons (4-5)

Weekly Results: L, @ Cleveland Browns

Ranking Points: 60.55

Last Week: 12    Change: -7

Note: OK, so this is the most Jekyll and Hyde teams of all the Jekyll and Hyde teams.  You just don’t know which Falcons team shows up week-to-week.

#20 Washington Redskins (5-3)

Weekly Results: W, 16-3 @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Ranking Points: 57.35

Last Week: 21    Change: +1

Note:  16 points…against one of the 3 worst defenses in the league.  A win is a win though.

#21 Cleveland Browns (3-6-1)

Weekly Results: W, 28-16 vs. Atlanta Falcons

Ranking Points: 50.6

Last Week: 28    Change: +7

Note: RB Chubb is the real deal and so is QB Mayfield.  A ton of young talent and if they have the proper guidance moving forward this team can put up double-digit wins as soon as next year.

#22 (tie) Jacksonville Jaguars (3-6)

Weekly Results: L, 26-29 @ Indianapolis Colts

Ranking Points: 40.2

Last Week: 22    Change: —

Note:  Fournette was back, but something isn’t right with this team.

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#22(tie) Detroit Lions (3-6)

Weekly Results: L, 22-34 @ Chicago Bears

Ranking Points: 40.2

Last Week: 23    Change: +1

Note: This team was done from kickoff. I think the season is effectively over as well. I don’t see enough fight in them to finish 6-1, which they need to do to win the division.

#24 New York Giants (2-7)

Weekly Results: @ San Francisco 49ers

Ranking Points: 32.55

Last Week: 26    Change: +2

Note: QB Manning had a classic Eli come back win…against the 49ers though.

#25 Cincinnati Bengals (5-4)

Weekly Results: L, 14-51 vs. New Orleans Saints

Ranking Points: 32.1

Last Week: 20    Change: -5

Note: They just couldn’t muster any offense without Green. Not a serious contender as long as Pittsburgh is around. 2nd worst defense in league cost DC Austin his job.

#26 San Francisco 49ers (2-8)

Weekly Results: W, vs. New York Giants

Ranking Points: 17.15

Last Week: 25    Change: -1

Note: QB Mullens came back to earth, but still had a solid performance. Sadly, this team is still not going anywhere this season.

#27 Miami Dolphins (5-5)

Weekly Results: L, 12-31 @ Green Bay Packers

Ranking Points: 14.45

Last Week: 24    Change: -3

Note: At 5-5, the team is only 2 back of N.E., but I still don’t see them coming close to sniffing the post-season.

#28 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-6)

Weekly Results: L, 3-16 vs. Washington Redskins

Ranking Points: 11.5

Last Week: 27    Change: -1

Note: 3 points…against Washington?  There is nothing positive to say about this team.

#29 Buffalo Bills (3-7)

Weekly Results: W, 41-10 @ New York Jets

Ranking Points: 1.08

Last Week: 31    Change: +2

Note: QB Barkley, the 4th QB this season, delivers a huge win! Over the hapless Jets.

#30 Arizona Cardinals (2-7)

Weekly Results: L, 14-26 @ Kansas City Chiefs

Ranking Points: -6.75

Last Week: 30   Change: —

Note: They stayed within 21 points of the Chiefs.  That should be considered a win.

#31 New York Jets (3-6)

Weekly Results: L, 10-41 vs. Buffalo Bills

Ranking Points: -27.35

Last Week: 29    Change: -2

Note: This is a devastating loss to a bad Buffalo team that was led by Matt Barkley.  You just lost to Matt Barkley. A top pick will help this team move forward.

#32 Oakland Raiders (1-8)

Weekly Results: L, 6-20 vs. Los Angeles Chargers

Ranking Points: -47.4

Last Week: 32    Change: —

Note:  Ok, so the good thing is that all the 1st Round picks (6) they have the next 2 years should help them in about year 4 of Gruden’s contract.

Warning! These are not your usual Power Rankings. I’m not your everyday NFL analyst who throws his bias into how he ranks teams. I use a formula developed over many years and this is all about numbers. Please remember that Power Rankings are reactive and not predictive. This is where the teams stand following the previous weeks’ games. These rankings and the formulas and bonuses used to compile them are even for all teams.

Bottom Line: If you are a top 5 team playing a bottom 5 team and you win by a point or lose straight up, you will be penalized. If you win big, the rewards will boost you in the rankings.