Would you Rather: Get swept by the Blackhawks, or miss the playoffs

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Tomas Holmstrom, Cristobal Huet


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32 thoughts on “Would you Rather: Get swept by the Blackhawks, or miss the playoffs”

  1. Tough one but I’d have to say get swept by Blackhawks – it at least keeps the streak alive.

  2. I totally agree… BUT, I don’t really care about the DEADWING’S & the streak is IMPRESSIVE/LEDGENDARY I would make more $$$ if they get swept by my BLACKHAWK’S!!!! W/Jack Davidson

  3. Two out of four times Detroit played Chicago it went to a shootout those aren’t in the Playoffs 3 outta 4 went to Overtime. If Detroit played Chicago they would have a good chance to beat Chicago and Detroit when facing each other in the playoffs Detroit is 24-6 in Playoff series.

  4. Not making the playoffs would be a signal that a major restructuring needs to take place. Without some dramatic changes, the Red Wings are destined for a continued slide into mediocrity, or worse.

  5. get in cause they wont get swept by the Hawks anyway….and you know deep inside Chicago doesnt want to see Detroit in the 1st round

  6. Hate the blackhawks with passion, but makin the playoffs is much sweeter and giving a chance to knock them off in the playoffs would be priceless.

  7. The questions resembles a sort of give up approach to even attempting to make the playoffs. No self respecting athlete, especially one playing in Detroit, would or should back down from the opportunity to advance. Playing in the playoffs is about respect and an earned reward for hard work an success; not for someone giving up simply in fear of what is ahead of them. Essentially this question is irrelevant for a true Detroiter!!!

  8. Playoffs , keep the streak going . Get the off season help we missed last year and go back with 8 more cups .

  9. No it’s not because you simply said “I’d rather they didn’t even make the playoffs than to have them swept by Chicago.” I said they wouldn’t get swept I answered your question

  10. The question was: Would you rather see the Wings get swept by the BlackHawks or not make the playoffs at all? Not getting swept is not an answer choice option.

  11. I see it the opposite. There is too much pride to be swept by the likes of the Chicago Blackhawks. pfft

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