Wrestlemania 35 has made history

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In Wrestlemania 35, the history of wrestling and, more generally, of sports entertainment has been written. This had been known long before the event so much so that anyone could bet on it, perhaps on the websites proposed by bet-ny.com, exactly at the moment when World Wrestling Entertainment and its leadership led by the owner Vince McMahon had decided to entrust the role of the main match event to an all-female clash between Ronda Rousey, Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch, valid for both the title of Raw and that of Smackdown.

Just a few years ago, without a shadow of a doubt, it would have been unthinkable for women’s wrestling to gain the most important position within the most important show in the entire annual programming of the WWE. Certainly, the whole category has experienced an incredible improvement in quality in this last period but the last step in its growth came thanks to the arrival of Ronda Rousey from the circuit of mixed martial arts that gave further technical depth to the division of women.

The match did not disappoint the high expectations and the three best superstars of WWE kept the heat very high throughout the main event, which proved to be quite long. As everyone predicted since the meeting was sanctioned, the winner with the two belts was Becky Lynch, the only one to get to Wrestlemania 35 without any title, unlike her challenger.

The Irish athlete, beloved by the public, took home the victory by lining up Ronda Rousey in a rather controversial final as she managed to turn incredibly one of her opponent’s Piper’s Pit into a roll up with a count of three. Beyond this aspect, The Man (this is the nickname of Lynch …) has long been celebrated at the time of the victory, largely confirming her feeling with the public

32-year-old Rebecca Quin (this is her real name) was not only the first woman along with Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair to participate in a Wrestlemania main event but also the second non-North American wrestler to reach this goal thirty-two years (1987 therefore, her year of birth) after André the Giant who faced Hulk Hogan in a legendary WrestleMania III match. Hogan in Wrestlemania 35 has made his return to the most important show of the WWE, an additional element to bring together WM 3 to this last edition.

In 2018 Becky Lynch was voted Female Superstar of the Year and was also awarded the prize of Match of the Year (against Charlotte Flair at Evolution) by a survey carried out by WWE, readers of Pro Wrestling Illustrated and Wrestling Observer News voted her Woman of the Year, while CBS Sport elected her Wrestler of the Year. Probably, thanks to the victory at Wrestlemania 35, she will be able to win these awards also in 2019.

An anecdote about her career is about her beginnings. As a teenager, in 2002 she started training with her brother in a wrestling school opened in Ireland by Fergal Devitt and Paul Tracey. To begin with, in order to be admitted she lied about her age stating that she was 17 years old instead of 15.