Writer casts actors for Detroit Lions movie

Writer casts actors for Detroit Lions movie. You will not believe who would play Martha Ford!!!

Writer casts actors for Detroit Lions movie

Have you ever thought about making a movie about the 2023 Detroit Lions? What about the actors who would play the lead characters if a movie was made? Well, Cort Freeman of WRIF.com has not only thought about those things, but he recently wrote an article casting the roles of Dan Campbell, Martha Ford, and others if a movie about the Lions did come to fruition.

actors for Detroit Lions movie

Who Plays Who?

Here is who Freeman has as some of the lead roles in a theoretical movie about the 2023 Detroit Lions. You will not believe who he has playing Martha Ford!

Make sure to click here to see Freeman's explanation of each choice.

Charlie Hunnam As Dan Campbell

“10 or so years ago, Jeff Bridges would have landed the role without even auditioning. However, in 2023 I don’t think he’s the best choice. I’m going with Charlie Hunnam to play the Head Coach. Hunnam is ripped, so believing he was a former NFL player is not a stretch. He also does resemble Campbell a bit. I think with a little makeup we’re all set. You need a big name to carry the movie, and I think Charlie Hunnam has the resume. I see Dan Campbell being the main character in the film, and I think Hunnam is a great pick to be the face of the movie.”

Mike Colter As Brad Holmes

Amy Poehler As Martha Ford

Zach Gilford As Ben Johnson

Lil Rel Howery As Aaron Glenn

Will Poulter As Jared Goff

Marcus Scribner As Amon-Ra St. Brown

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Casting the 2023 Detroit Lions Movie: Cort Freeman of WRIF.com has delved into the intriguing idea of making a movie about the 2023 Detroit Lions and has even gone a step further by casting actors for the lead roles.
  2. Notable Cast Choices: Freeman's casting choices include Charlie Hunnam as Dan Campbell, the head coach, and Mike Colter as Brad Holmes, the general manager. Amy Poehler takes on the role of Martha Ford, while other Lions' personalities like Ben Johnson, Aaron Glenn, Jared Goff, and Amon-Ra St. Brown have their on-screen counterparts as well.
  3. Selecting the Right Faces: Casting decisions consider factors such as physical resemblance and acting abilities. For example, Charlie Hunnam's rugged appearance and experience make him a suitable choice for the main character, Dan Campbell, who is the head coach of the Lions.

Bottom Line: Please Let This Happen!

The idea of creating a movie about the 2023 Detroit Lions and casting actors for the key roles adds an exciting dimension to the world of sports and entertainment. With thoughtfully chosen actors, the hypothetical film could capture the essence of the Lions' journey in a compelling and engaging manner, bringing the team's story to life on the big screen. With that being said, Amy P

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