Writer says Detroit Lions fans are delusional about offseason

Following a 3-13-1 season, many hoped Detroit Lions GM Brad Holmes would go into the NFL free agency period and clean house by adding a couple of big-time players.

Well, those people who hoped for a big splash were probably very disappointed and probably angry that Holmes really did not do a ton other than signing WR D.J. Chark to a 1-year prove-it deal.

That being said, free agency was only a piece of the offseason as the Lions also added some talent via the 2022 NFL Draft, including EDGE Aidan Hutchinson and WR Jameson Williams, both of who were selected in the Top 12.

Well, according to one writer from Deadspin, Detroit Lions fans are competing with New York Jets fans in a “battle for delusional offseason preeminence.”



Detroit Lions fans called delusional by Deadspin writer 

Here is what Deadspin writer Sean Beckwith has to say about Lions fans and Jets fans battling for delusional offseason preeminence.

I personally hate hedging takes, so allow me to say both of these teams are going to be resplendent trash yet again, and the only real debate is which fanbase is more delusional. Picking a starting QB between Jared Goff and Wilson is like asking someone if they’d rather be killed via gunshot or murdered with a machete.

The Lions begin the year with contests against Jalen Hurts, Carson Wentz, Kirk Cousins, whoever ends up starting at quarterback for Seattle between Drew Lock and Geno Smith, and Mac Jones. What’s more cruel: Goff and Campbell stringing along Detroit fans for a third of the season, or Wilson immediately dousing the enthusiasm of Jets’ fans with piss poor performances?

Nation, what are your expectations for the Detroit Lions in 2022? How would you grade their offseason?