Ziggy Ansah picks up tab for special education students food at Tigers game

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Ziggy Ansah may be a superstar in the making for the Detroit Lions, but he still understands the importance of giving back to the community. When he found out about a group of special education students needing money for food at the Tigers game he stepped up to the plate.

40 students from Dye Elementary in Flint, Michigan had tickets to the game, thanks to the Detroit Tigers, enough money for the charter bus, thanks to their teachers fundraising efforts throughout the year, but they did not have enough money for concessions.

The whole thing began when Ashley Keskes, one of the teachers at Dye Elementary, posted on her Facebook page that many of her students could not afford to pay for food or drink while they were at the game. One of Keskes friends saw the message and reached out to one of Ansah’s representatives.

Enter Ziggy Ansah.

When it was brought to Ansah’s attention by the representative that 40 special education students who were going to a Tigers game needed some extra cash for food, he stepped up in a heartbeat. Ansah provided enough money to purchase hot dogs, chips, and drinks for everyone.

The tab ran Ansah about $200, but it was not about how much it cost, it was about doing the right thing.

It’s refreshing to see professional athletes giving back to people in need.

Well done Ziggy!