Could Detroit Red Wings youngsters Anthony Mantha and Tyler Bertuzzi be on the move?

We are just about a month away from the 2021 NHL Trade Deadline and you can bet that the trade rumors and speculation will begin heating up in a big way.

Around these parts, we care most about what the Detroit Red Wings will do around the deadline as there has been plenty of speculation as to which players Steve Yzerman could soon part ways with.

According to a report in The Athletic, one NHL executive has said there is a belief that Yzerman would consider trading Tyler Bertuzzi or Anthony Mantha if the right deal presented itself.

From The Athletic:

The more interesting speculation surrounds the younger Detroit forwards up the lineup. There’s also a belief that Red Wings GM Steve Yzerman would consider trading one of his younger forwards like Tyler Bertuzzi and Anthony Mantha in the right deal. “I wouldn’t be shocked if (Yzerman) moved one of his top young forwards,” said one exec. “I think he’s listening on a lot of things.”

Nation, if you were Yzerman, would you make Mantha and/or Bertuzzi available for a trade?


  1. Mantha acts like doesn’t want to be in Detroit. He should be a 30+ goal guy. He has the skills but doesn’t give 100% all the time.

  2. While both guys have good upside Mantha this year is playing like his head is in a fog. On Chicago’s first goal on Sunday (Zadorov pinching in from the blue line) when they showed the replay from the Hawks end, Mantha looked like he was on a leisurely skate with his girlfriend coming back to the Wings end. Real bad effort again!!

  3. I think the Wings should have everything for sale, including the pucks and the nets on the goal frame. They need to get some new blood in the building! However, that being said, they need to get the guy out from behind the bench before anything gets better.

  4. It is time for the coach to go the team gets worse every year. He has had a long enough time to change things.

  5. Given his physical stature and skill set Bert has to bring it every night. Part of what made #39 effective is his size and physicality. I think the team telling him to dial it back has had the effect we are now seeing. Given the overall lack of scoring each player should be kept, unless…………

  6. YES M. Elias, I saw that play and was livid. I believe Filipula got picked a bit in neutral. Mantha saw this happening and had to realize he was next closest backchecker…it became his assignment. He wanted nothing to do with the sprint back..ridiculous. That’s character issue…TIME TO GO!!!!

  7. When is Stevey Y going to put Jeff {Vacuum , cause he sucks so bad) Blashill on waivers, I think the bag of accumulated losses has overfilled again. Let him go back to Dyson the vacuum cleaner guys, he sucks oxygen out of water.

Written by W.G. Brady

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