Matt Patricia responds to question about what ‘message is to the fans that next year will be better?’

Whether you like it or not, Matt Patricia will be the head coach of the Detroit Lions in 2020.

On Wednesday, Patricia met with the media and he was asked, what his message is to the fans that next year will be better?

His response was pretty much what you would expect.

“I think we'll probably talk next year after we get done with this season from that aspect of it and kind of recap where we are.  I'm pretty focused on Denver right now.”

“I appreciate Mrs. Ford and the Ford family but when I came here I tried to do the job to the best of my ability and I'm glad that we just keep trying to do that.”

“Build something that is competitive and a team that is going to go out and fight and work hard and do all those things that we have envisioned for the team. You know we need to go out and win some games, which would be great.

Nation, would you have preferred Patricia have a better message prepared for Lions fans?

— Quotes courtesy of Jeff Riger, 97.1 The Ticket — Link


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