Poll reveals fans’ confidence level in the Detroit Red Wings

By W.G. Brady  - Senior News Desk Writer
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The 2021-22 season was another tough one for the Detroit Red Wings but the future appears to be bright as general manager Steve Yzerman continues to improve his roster.

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Though there are going to be some more growing pains before the Red Wings are truly ready to contend for another Stanley Cup, it sure does seem like Yzerman has the franchise heading in the right direction.

Poll reveals how fans feel about the Detroit Red Wings

In an article released on Thursday, Dom Luszczyszyn, who is a national NHL writer for The Athletic, released the results of a survey that asked fans around the NHL about their confidence level in their own team and other teams around the league.

The poll revealed that the overall opinion of the Detroit Red Wings is very high as they had the 3rd highest confidence rating with an overall grade of an A. (4.3 ).

The only teams ranked ahead of the Red Wings are the Colorado Avalanche and the Tampa Bay Lightning.

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From The Athletic:

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Steve Yzerman can do no wrong, which to some apparently includes signing a gargoyle statue. I respect that level of trustworthiness and am always amazed at how well Detroit scores in these rankings. Wings fans love Yzerman and have the utmost faith in his vision for the future. The cache he earned building the Lightning definitely helps with that.

The Red Wings had an extremely busy offseason where it became clear that the next phase of the team’s build is upon us. It’s what makes this season a make-or-break season for the unconditional faith in the Yzerplan. At some point, a rebuild needs to take a step forward and it’s clear this is the year where Detroit takes that step. How strong that step is should be telling toward how much confidence should be placed in Detroit’s future. A big step means all the faith during the slow rebuild is rewarded. A small step though would be pretty discouraging considering the length of the rebuild process — though to Yzerman’s credit this is only his fourth season on the job.

His first draft on the job had the Red Wings selecting Moritz Seiderone of the game’s future stars on the back end, with fellow rookie stud Lucas Raymond being taken the following year. That’s a strong nucleus and explains the team’s high marks for drafting and developing. Yzerman deserves a lot of credit for that, but in order for this team to contend, they’ll need some more big hits.

Yzerman has done a strong job so far, but the hard part is what’s next.

Nation, what is your confidence level in the Detroit Red Wings?

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