Red Wings’ Darren McCarty describes fighting advice he got from Bob Probert

Former Detroit Red Wings enforcer Bob Probert was known as one of hockey’s most feared fighters, building a reputation for not only the use of his fists, but defending of team stars from the opposition.

Another legendary hard-nosed player who donned the Winged Wheel was Darren McCarty, who forever is a hero in Hockeytown for his central role in the rivalry against the Colorado Avalanche as well as his key playoff goals.

He grew up a Red Wings fan as well as idolizing Probert, and got the opportunity to play with him early in his career. Take a look at what McCarty had to say about the advice he had gotten from Probert:

“You do learn things. It’s more of how you protect yourself and fighting different guys. Probie showed me what you would do when you’re tied up, how to make two quick moves and how to get a different grip. We weren’t the same fighter. Probie’s going to stand there and get hit in a fight and then realize he’s in a fight. And the he’s going to want it to go forever and beat you up over time, McCarty tells The Hockey Beast. “I was more of a pugilist, more of a ‘I’m gonna set you up and I’m gonna grab you, but I’m gonna keep throwing and not stop moving’. I’m always moving.”

“Fighting isn’t about how many punches you can deliver, it’s about how many you can take. I tell people that if you can see the punch coming no matter how hard it is, you’ll survive,” McCarty says.

Priceless advice from the best fighter ever!

– – Quotes via Rasmus Senator of The Hockey Beast Link – –

Written by Michael Whitaker

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