Benjamin Watson accuses Cleveland Browns of ‘mob style’ interview

What is the worst job interview question you have ever been asked? That is the question that Paul Finebaum tweeted out on Tuesday. We are guessing that Finebaum never could have imagined that former NFL tight end Benjamin Watson would reply with an eye-opening story about his interview with the Cleveland Browns. In fact, according to Watson, it was a ‘mob style' interview.

Benjamin Watson Cleveland Browns

Why it Matters

If you follow along with the NFL Draft on a year-to-year basis, you have likely heard of some of the crazy questions that NFL organizations ask prospective draft prospects. Watson did not specify whether or not the interview he had with the Browns came prior to the NFL Draft, or if it took place later on in his career.

  • Watson was selected by the Patriots in 2004
  • He signed with the Browns in 2010 and played there for three seasons
  • Watson allegedly went through a ‘mob style' interview with the Browns

Benjamin Watson accuses Browns of ‘Mob Style' interview

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When Watson saw Finebaum's question on Twitter, he decided to share a story about an interview he had with the Browns. Watson had the following to say about his interview with the Browns.

“The browns asked me if I ever smoked weed,” Watson tweeted in response to Finebaum's question. “I said no. Then the interviewer grabbed my wrist as if he was feeling my pulse and asked me again louder. I was seated in a chair in the middle of a dark room with a spotlight on it. Front office stood in the shadows mob style…”

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