Dan Campbell reveals Detroit Lions goals for 2023

Detroit Lions fans are going to lose their minds when they see what Dan Campbell had to say about the team's goals for the 2023 season.

After a strong finish in the 2022 season, the Detroit Lions have set the bar high for 2023. The team concluded last season with a respectable 9-8 record, winning eight of their last ten games and surprising critics. Head coach Dan Campbell aims to capitalize on this momentum, hoping to transform the Lions into solid playoff contenders. In a conversation with Barstool Sports' ‘Pardon My Take' Podcast, Campbell voiced his belief in the team's potential and set forth his expectations for the season.

Dan Campbell Detroit Lions

Dan Campbell reveals Detroit Lions goals for 2023

Campbell underlined the need for continuous growth, emphasizing the hard work and determination necessary to progress.

“I think it's very much the same, just in this regard. I understand what's out there and, look, we've got expectations for ourselves. We do. We should be a better team. That's what all this is about,” Campbell explained. “Every year you're in it, you're building the way Brad (Holmes) and I have and players that we have, you're developing and we expect to be a better team than we were last year. We fully expect that. We've got the same goals most teams do. Yeah we want to win this division, we want to get in the playoffs, we want to make noise, we want to win a Super Bowl, all that. I think for us, what's interesting, we know what's out there, but yet, we haven't done anything. Not like that.” 

Campbell Remains Grounded

However, the Lions' coach remained grounded and emphasized the need to prove themselves. His words underscored a blend of ambition and realism that could fuel the team's journey in the forthcoming season. Campbell added, “We're still on the outside looking in, and that's what keeps us hungry.”

“To me, the message stays the same in the regard of, no, we didn't win the division last year, Minnesota won it. Green Bay won it for years before that. So to me, those are the kings in this division right now and we have to go earn that. We didn't go to the playoffs last year, we've gotta earn that. So to me, we're still on the outside looking in, and that's what keeps us hungry.” 

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Key points

  • The Detroit Lions ended the previous season with a 9-8 record.
  • Head Coach Dan Campbell believes in the team's potential and the necessity for continuous growth.
  • The Lions' goals for the upcoming season include winning their division and making a substantial impact in the playoffs.
  • Despite the team's ambitions, Campbell underlined the importance of proving their worth and earning their spot.

Bottom Line – From ‘Roaring' to ‘Soaring'?

The Detroit Lions are about to embark on a crucial journey, their sights set firmly on playoff glory. Under the leadership of Dan Campbell, the team is primed to build upon their successes from last year and face new challenges with determination and hunger. The Lions' 2023 season promises to be a test of the team's mettle, a combination of ambitious goals and a relentless pursuit to prove their worth. Whether they can rise to the occasion and transform their ‘roar' into a ‘soar' remains a riveting prospect to watch.