2022 MLB Prediction: White Sox win division

A.J. and Dylan discuss the USA Today 2022 MLB predictions, which have the Chicago White Sox at 90-72 and winning the division. Something Dylan hates. A.J. Reilly: I love that our teams are kicking off the season against each other.  Dylan Bair: I don’t know, there’s going to be some unnecessary juice. If this goes … Read more

Did NCAA Script this Final Four match?

Ryan and Matt discuss how UNC/Duke happened Ryan Griffin: And these two teams right here are like the standard-bearers of what college basketball has been for so long. The only shame is that it’s not a Roy Williams coached team is that it’s Hubert Davis. If there was one thing you could change about the … Read more

How Lakers and Spurs could both make playoffs

Ryan and Matt discuss how the Los Angeles Lakers and San Antonio Spurs could make the playoffs Matt Bassin: it’s completely different situations for them too. Like the spurs have accepted their fate and went to youth, they got one guy that’s 30, that’d be Douggie McBuckets, Doug McDermott. But other than that, everyone else … Read more

These Aren’t Your Father’s Lakers or Spurs

Ryan and Matt discuss the downfall of Los Angeles and San Antonio Matt Bassin: Ryan would you believe that once upon a time, the Los Angeles Lakers and San Antonio Spurs met seven out of 16 years in which these two teams won 10 combined NBA championships. In fact, their meeting in 1999, when the … Read more