Darius Slay is pushing to bring back controversial Detroit Lions jersey

When you think of the Detroit Lions and their experiment with black jerseys, players like Joey Harrington and Roy Williams come to mind.

What also comes to mind is a time in Lions football history that we all have tried our best to remove from our minds.

Most Lions fans that we have spoken too would rather never see the Lions wear the black jerseys again, but according to Lions Wire, at least one player is pushing to bring back the black!


That player is none other than Lions Pro Bowl CB Darius Slay, who made his opinion on the black jerseys very clear.

From Lions Wire:

Yeah I would love to bring the black jerseys back, that’s for sure. I’ve been trying to get them back ASAP. My favorite one is the color rush, I like the all-grey. I got some fresh cleats to go with it.

Nation, do you agree with Slay? Would you like to bring back the black jerseys? Make sure to comment!