Detroit Lions fans: Protest by cancelling your season tickets

This may sound like sacrilege to the swarms of fans who routinely pack Ford Field week in and week out, and who have done so perhaps for decades dating back to the Pontiac Silverdome.

By now, everyone and their mother has heard the news that the Ford Family plans to retain both maligned coach and general manager Matt Patricia and Bob Quinn. The team also sent out a letter to that effect to the thousands of season ticket holders, explaining the decision and attempting to appeal to their sense of reasoning and seeming never-ending optimism that things could potentially eventually get better.

Crumpling up that letter and tossing it in the trash may be a good start, but it's time to start hitting them where it hurts.

Lions season ticket holders, it's time to cancel. Give up the seats you've sat in and that may have been in your family for years.

With this week's announcement that the mediocrity and hopelessness that we've experienced under this latest coaching and management regime is set to continue for another year, there's absolutely no reason why the fans should continue to be subjected to this kind of punishment.

As we had previously explained in our appeal to boycott attending the annual home Thanksgiving game, we deserve a winning team. It's the absolute least thin the Ford Family for the millions of fans both in the Motor City and across the country and world who have yet to enjoy any real modicum of success watching this team.

Year in and year out, the fans have continued to support this product despite getting next-to-none in the form of any actual return on their costly investments. The thousands of dollars that are pumped into the Ford Family's pockets each week could easily and wisely be spent elsewhere.

Maybe a few will get the ball rolling by cancelling their season tickets in response to the return of Patricia and Quinn. Maybe the word will continue to spread as a domino effect. And maybe, enough will decide that enough is enough in order to make a noticeable dent in Martha and company's bottom line.

Their tone-deaf letter needs to be the last straw for those who spend their Sunday afternoons getting their hearts ripped out week after week.