Detroit Lions S Kerby Joseph divulges his one personal goal for 2023

Kerby Joseph is poised to have a big year in 2023.

Detroit Lions safety Kerby Joseph enters his second year with an unusual mindset: He doesn't set goals. Despite this unorthodox approach, Joseph is positioning himself to have a breakout sophomore season. With that being said, Joseph did tell reporters that he does have one goal for the 2023 season, and that goal is to never leave the field when the Lions are on defense.

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Kerby Joseph says he does not set goals, but he does have one

Although this way of thinking may seem unconventional, for Joseph, it perfectly complements his stellar physical traits and killer instinct. Joseph's debut season saw him make 82 tackles in 14 starts, intercept four passes, and force two fumbles. These impressive stats resulted from Joseph's in-depth understanding of the Lions' playbook and his ability to leverage his teammates' strategies on the field.

“I just keep balling. That's it. I don't give myself no goals, because I feel like those goals would limit my ability. Like I wouldn't say I'm going to go and get five picks, because I'll only get five picks,” Joseph said.

“I feel like last year when I came in, I didn't know the playbook really (well). But it's to a point where now I know the playbook so good, where I can move around and I know what my partner, teammate is doing next to me, so I can incorporate what he's doing into my play and allow me to make more plays or allow him to make plays,” Joseph said.

“Like (defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn) says, he wants us to be more versatile today. I want to be everywhere. I don't want to come off the field,” Joseph said. “If I have to go back in the post and play the post, I'll play in the post. If I have to go on an island and out there on the sidelines playing corner, you could put me out there.”

Joseph's approach to the game extends beyond the playbook. He trusts his senses, particularly his sight and hearing, to anticipate the movements of receivers on the field. With the Lions overhauling their defensive backfield this offseason, Joseph might find himself taking on various roles in the upcoming season. But if there's one goal he has, it's to stay on the field as much as possible.

Key Points

  • Kerby Joseph doesn't set personal goals, believing they might limit his performance.
  • Despite his unconventional approach, Joseph demonstrated stellar performance in his rookie year.
  • Joseph's game strategy heavily relies on his understanding of the team's playbook and his senses.
  • With the overhaul of the Lions' defensive backfield, Joseph's versatile skills might see him playing various roles.

Bottom Line – Unleashing the Potential, One Play at a Time

Kerby Joseph's unique approach to his career and his game shows that boundaries are often self-imposed. By focusing on the game and not limiting himself with set goals, he has unleashed his full potential on the field, making significant strides in his performance. With this mindset, Joseph is all set to defy the odds and transform the game, one play at a time.