Detroit Lions S Kerby Joseph has ‘real certain’ connection with Aaron Glenn

Kerby Joseph recently talked about his relationship with Detroit Lions defensive coordinator, Aaron Glenn.

Kerby Joseph, who was selected by the Detroit Lions in the 3rd Round pick in the 2022 NFL Draft, had an impressive rookie season, starting in 14 games and picking up four interceptions. Not to mention, he became Aaron Rodgers‘ daddy along the way! During a recent interview, Joseph opened up about his ‘real certain' connection with Lions defensive coordinator, Aaron Glenn.

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Detroit Lions S Kerby Joseph has ‘real certain' connection with Aaron Glenn

Joseph praised Glenn's ability to relate to him, understand the players in the room, and effectively coach and communicate. As he enters his second year in the NFL, the bond between Joseph and Glenn could prove crucial to the Lions' defense, making fans eager to witness their performance in the upcoming 2023 season.

“I want to say, AG really just relates to me,” Joseph explained. “I'd say me and AG got a real certain connection. That way, he could talk to me and I could understand where he is coming from. And he understands the players that he has in the room and what he could do, what he has. He is just, he's just a great coach. He knows how to coach and he knows how to explain. He knows how to understand. And that's what makes the defense so great. We understand each other and we're able to connect with each other. Not even from the players, but to our coaches standpoint.” 

Big Picture: A Promising Connection

The relationship between Joseph and Glenn goes beyond player and coach—it is a promising connection that can significantly impact the Lions' defense. Glenn's ability to relate to Joseph and understand the team sets the foundation for success in the upcoming season.

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Key Points

  • Kerby Joseph, the Lions' 2022 3rd Round pick, exceeded expectations with a stellar rookie season.
  • He developed a special bond with defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn, highlighting their strong connection.
  • Glenn's coaching approach, communication, and understanding contribute to the defense's success.
  • The NFL often sees significant growth in players from their first to second year, raising excitement for Joseph's potential in 2023.

Bottom Line – A Winning Combination

Kerby Joseph's remarkable rookie season and his ‘real certain' connection with Aaron Glenn speak volumes about their potential as a dynamic duo in the Detroit Lions defense. As they continue to grow together, their shared understanding and communication will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping the team's success. Lions fans can be confident that they have a promising safety and an exceptional defensive coordinator working hand in hand to elevate the team's performance to new heights.