Detroit Lions uniform combo unveiled for revenge game vs. Carolina Panthers

Detroit Lions uniform combo unveiled for revenge game vs. Carolina Panthers: Find out what the Lions will be wearing against the Panthers.

Detroit Lions uniform combo unveiled for revenge game vs. Carolina Panthers

Can you believe we are already in Week 5 of the Detroit Lions 2023 season? Well, we are, and the Lions are currently in first place in the NFC North with a 3-1 record. On Sunday, the Lions will look to move to 4-1 when they host the Carolina Panthers at Ford Field. In advance of the game, the Lions have unveiled their Week 5 uniform combo.

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What uniform combo will the Detroit Lions wear?

The Lions have released their uniform combo for Sunday's game against the Panthers, and as you can see, they will be wearing their All-Blue threads.

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Lions in First Place: The Detroit Lions are currently leading the NFC North with an impressive 3-1 record in the 2023 season. Their strong start has put them in a prime position to continue their success.
  2. Week 5 Uniform Combo: The Lions have revealed their uniform combination for the upcoming game against the Carolina Panthers, and they will be wearing their All Blue threads.
  3. Focus on Winning: Regardless of the uniform they wear, the Lions' primary focus remains on winning football games. With a desire for revenge against the Panthers, who dominated them a year ago, the Lions are determined to secure a victory.
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Bottom Line: Just Win

No matter what uniform the Lions wear, their focus is 100% on winning football games. One year ago, the Panthers ran all over the Detroit defense, and you can bet that revenge is on their mind. With that being said, the Panthers may be 0-4, but we just saw that even a 0-4 team is capable of rising up as the previously winless Chicago Bears beat the Washington Commanders on Thursday Night Football.