Detroit Lions’ WR Marvin Jones Jr. says he nearly ‘quit everything’

Just after Christmas last year, Detroit Lions wide receiver Marvin Jones Jr. and his wife and children suffered a loss that no family should ever suffer when his infant son Marlo passed away suddenly.

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Jones Jr. announced the news on Instagram, saying the “Lord called home a piece of my family’s heart.”

“Yesterday the Lord called home a piece of my family’s heart, Marlo,” Jones said in an Instagram post. “It is hard to believe that our little angel, our fighter from day one, our son ‘Marlito’ has unfortunately passed away and is no longer here with us.
“Marlo, the joy that you brought to us everyday, with that smile, and that energy was like heaven on earth. You will always be in our hearts. We will always remember you. We did not get the chance to hear your first words (It would’ve been in Spanish too). We didn’t get to see you run with your brothers and sister, you ran with them with your eyes everyday.
“We know that everything that We do from here on out will be with you. Every step we take, you will be with us. Whenever we have a bad day, We will think of your smile. We miss you already buddy and will forever love you. Rest peacefully our sweet baby boy. You have gained your wings.”
On Thursday, The Players’ Tribue published a gut-wrenching letter which Jones Jr. wrote to his children, titled, “A Letter to My Children.”
In the letter, Jones Jr. opens up about the aftermath of Marlo’s passing, including saying that he was ready to just “quit everything.”
Here is an excerpt from the letter, which is a much read. (Have Kleenex ready)

Dear Marv, Mareon, Murrell and Mya,

I have something to tell you. Something I want to talk about. 

It’s something I’ve mostly kept to myself up to now, and you might not fully understand it right at this moment, but I need for you to hear it.

It’s tough to talk about even all these months later, but after your little brother Marlo passed away in December….

Daddy was ready to call it quits.

Not just football, either. I’m talking just get away from … everything.

Leave the country. Move to Spain. Hunker down. Just us and Mommy. That sort of thing. Never talk to anyone ever again, never have to face anyone or discuss anything, just shield us all from the entire outside world. You know what I mean?

We were all just struggling so much.

Mom and me was one thing, but hearing Mya ask, “When is Marlo coming back down from heaven?” Seeing that teddy bear that you guys called by his name? It was beyond heartbreaking.

We always told you guys it was O.K. to cry and to let your feelings out.

But sometimes that’s not so easy. Even for Dad.

To read the full letter, please click here.

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