Detroit Lions WR Marvin Jones reveals when he will retire from the NFL

Detroit Lions WR Marvin Jones reveals when he will retire from the NFL: Jones believes he can still do what he has always done as a receiver.

Detroit Lions WR Marvin Jones reveals when he will retire from the NFL

Detroit Lions wide receiver Marvin Jones, 33, is the oldest every-down receiver in the NFL (Matthew Slater is 38 but he only plays on special teams), and that is something he is very proud of. During a recent interview with Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press, Jones talked about outlasting every other receiver that was selected in his draft class, and how that was a goal of his from the day he entered the league. Jones also talked about when he will know it is time to hang up his cleats and retire from the NFL.

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Outlasting His Peers

Jones, who was selected by the Cincinnati Bengals in the fifth round of the 2012 NFL Draft, is very proud that he outlasted his peers.

“It’s (an accomplishment),” Jones told Birkett. ” ‘Cause I never think of those things, especially while I’m playing, but that’s pretty cool, for sure.”

He said he doesn't feel much different as a player now than he did 11 years ago ” 'cause I do still the same things I did.”

When Will Marvin Jones Retire?

So, considering his age, Jones has to be contemplating retirement, right? Well, when you listen to him talk, it does not sound like he plans to hang up his cleats anytime soon.

“Did I lose a step? Probably, but I’m still fast.,” he said. “So yeah, I just take it, whatever it is, I just take it how it is and just keep doing what I do cause I still make the same plays. You turn on the film and I’m making the same type of plays.”

“In terms of catching and going up and getting the ball, diving, route cuts and in and out of my breaks, when that starts to go and I notice, then I’m out of here, no questions asked,” he said. “But I still feel the same when I’m doing those type of things, and I think the biggest thing for a receiver is your reaction. Can you react to a throw or the ball in a split second, and stuff like that. So as long as I still have my ball skills, I can keep playing if I want to.”

Stay Motivated!

Jones believes that staying motivated is the key to playing in the NFL for a long time.

“Find something to be motivated about,” he said. “I can just look at something and be motivated to just keep going and keep trying to be my best self. So when I get on the field, I just — that’s just, it’s go time. And it doesn’t change. It’s not changing.”

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Pride in Longevity: Marvin Jones, a wide receiver for the Detroit Lions and currently the oldest every-down receiver in the NFL at 33, takes immense pride in outlasting all other receivers from his draft class. Selected by the Cincinnati Bengals in the 2012 NFL Draft's fifth round, Jones feels he continues to play with the same vigor as he did 11 years ago.
  2. No Immediate Retirement Plans: Despite his age, Jones doesn't see retirement on the horizon. He believes he's maintained his agility, speed, and reaction time, crucial skills for a wide receiver. Jones emphasized that as long as his ball skills remain sharp, and he can react to throws in split seconds, he will continue playing.
  3. The Power of Motivation: Jones credits his enduring NFL career to staying continually motivated. He always finds reasons to keep pushing himself to perform better, maintaining his commitment to the game. For him, every time he steps on the field, it's “go time,” and that determination hasn't waned over the years.

Bottom Line: Father Time Is Fast, But Marvin Jones Is Still Faster

Nobody, including Tom Brady, has ever beaten Father Time, and at some point, Marvin Jones will slow down on the football field and decide to retire. But, for now, Jones still feels like he can make plays and help the Detroit Lions win football games. And as long as he continues to feel that way, it sure sounds like he intends to keep playing.