Former Ohio State star RB defends Jim Harbaugh, Michigan Football team

Former Ohio State star RB defends Jim Harbaugh: We sure did not see this one coming!

Former Ohio State star RB defends Jim Harbaugh, Michigan Football team

In the midst of the ongoing controversy surrounding the Michigan football program and the NCAA investigation into allegations of illegal signal theft, various voices have chimed in. The Wolverines find themselves under scrutiny due to the actions of low-level staffer Connor Stalions, who is accused of orchestrating the illicit acquisition of opposing teams' signals by sending individuals to record them during games. While there's currently no direct link to head coach Jim Harbaugh, the situation has garnered significant attention, and opinions are divided.

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Unexpected Support

One unexpected defender of Harbaugh and the Wolverines in this controversy is none other than former Ohio State star running back, Maurice Clarett. Clarett took to social media to express his support in a two-part tweet, emphasizing the absurdity of the NCAA's involvement and the need for a broader perspective. He noted that good scouting can provide all the signs and signals a team needs and lamented the inclination to defame coaches who have put in hard work to build successful programs.

“I can go back and forth with the Michigan and OSU banter,” Clarett posted. “It’s fun and comical on lots of levels. I can take the jokes about my past and all of the above…. In all honesty I think the investigation into Michigan for the hamburger, sign viewing or whatever it is is another reason for everyone to be mad at the NCAA. I’ve spoken up for Michigan in both cases. It’s actually stupid. Good scouting gets you all of the signs and signals you want. Michigan is a good football team and it’s actually healthy to have wins/loses go both ways. In all of this… realize who we all should be mad at and it’s the NCAA and it’s silly rules.”

“I had a great birthday today but wanted to say something before I went to sleep. I don’t like this thing going on with Harbaugh. It feels like the Michigan version of Tressel and the tattoos. Ruining or trying to defame these coaches after work put in to build these programs isn’t cool. The rivalry is cool to joke around with and have fun with but I wish there was a time when more coaches/public would just be vocal about how silly some of this stuff is. Idk… just my thoughts on all of it. Until tomorrow….”

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Controversy Surrounding Michigan Football: The Michigan football program has recently come under the spotlight due to an ongoing NCAA investigation into allegations of illegal signal theft.
  2. Unexpected Support from Maurice Clarett: Former Ohio State star and college football champion, Maurice Clarett, surprised many by voicing his support for Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh and the Wolverines amidst the controversy.
  3. Broader Issues in College Football: Clarett's stance brings attention to the complex and often punitive nature of NCAA rules and their potential impact on college football programs.

Bottom Line – Clarett's Unique Perspective

Maurice Clarett's unexpected support for Jim Harbaugh and the Michigan Wolverines adds a unique dimension to the ongoing controversy. His comments draw attention to the broader problems within college football, particularly the sometimes arbitrary and punitive nature of NCAA rules. As the NCAA investigation unfolds, and opinions on Michigan's situation continue to diverge, Clarett's perspective reminds us that there are often more profound issues at play in the world of college sports.