Jahmyr Gibbs reveals Dan Campbell’s promise prior to MNF win over Raiders

Jahmyr Gibbs reveals Dan Campbell's promise prior to MNF win over Raiders.

Jahmyr Gibbs reveals Dan Campbell's promise prior to MNF win over Raiders

In a memorable Monday Night Football clash against the Las Vegas Raiders, the Detroit Lions‘ rookie running back, Jahmyr Gibbs, delivered an electrifying performance, setting career-highs with 26 carries for an impressive 152 yards. Coupled with Craig Reynolds‘ contribution of 74 yards on 14 rushes, the Detroit Lions secured their first home prime-time victory in half a decade, defeating the Raiders 26-14 at Ford Field.

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Dan Campbell's Promise Comes True

Gibbs, in the aftermath of the thrilling win, offered insight into a promise made by head coach Dan Campbell leading up to the game. Campbell had pledged that the Lions would embark on an ambitious ground attack, aiming for 40 rushing attempts against the Raiders. As reported by Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press, the post-game conversation between Gibbs and Reynolds encapsulated the fulfillment of Campbell's commitment.

Jahmyr Gibbs turned to the locker next to him and asked Craig Reynolds how many carries he had Monday night.

“Fourteen,” Reynolds said as Gibbs repeated the number in disbelief.

“Dan told us we were going to run the ball 40 times,” Gibbs said. “He wasn't lying.”

Dan Campbell reveals Monday Night Football play

A Breakout Game for Jahmyr Gibbs

Gibbs showcased his versatility by adding five receptions for 37 yards, accumulating a staggering 189 yards from scrimmage. His highlight of the night was a scintillating 27-yard touchdown run during the third quarter. The Lions executed precisely what their head coach had envisioned with his game plan.


Time To Get Healthy

With the win, the Lions are now 6-2 as they head into their bye week. They have been dealing with injuries, including one to starting RB David Montgomery, and the hope is that he, and some of the other players dealing with injuries, including OG Jonah Jackson will be able to return to action when the Lions travel to Los Angeles in 2 weeks to take on the Chargers.

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Jahmyr Gibbs and the Lions dominate the Las Vegas Raiders in a 26-14 victory.
  2. Gibbs discloses Dan Campbell's promise to run the ball 40 times, an undertaking they successfully accomplished.
  3. The Lions hold a promising 6-2 record as they head into their bye week, addressing injury concerns.

Bottom Line: Fulfilling Promises and Shaping Success

Jahmyr Gibbs' revelation about Dan Campbell's promise highlights the critical role of trust and team chemistry in the Lions' impressive season. The Lions are proving that success comes not only from strategy but also from the commitment to fulfill promises made.

In the heart of a promising season, the Lions continue to exceed expectations, setting the stage for an exciting journey towards the playoffs.

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