Jahmyr Gibbs channels his inner Barry Sanders on 27-yard TD run [Video]

Jahmyr Gibbs channels his inner Barry Sanders on 27-yard TD run [Video]

Jahmyr Gibbs channels his inner Barry Sanders on 27-yard TD run

If you happened to tune in for Monday's game between the Detroit Lions and Las Vegas Raiders, you got the opportunity to see Lions rookie Jahmyr Gibbs tear it up. During the 3rd quarter, Gibbs took a handoff from Jared Goff and took it for the house to put his team up 23-14.

Jahmyr Gibbs channels his inner Barry Sanders

Barry Sanders 2.0?

Okay, let's not get too crazy here, but watching Gibbs run tonight against the Raiders kind of reminds me of the greatest running back in NFL history, Barry Sanders. Barry had amazing vision and he often found his way throw a small opening that most would miss.

On Gibbs' 27-yard touchdown run in the third quarter, he squeezed throw a very small window before taking it to the house.

Why it Matters

When the Detroit Lions selected RB Jahmyr Gibbs in the opening round of the 2023 NFL Draft, there were quite a few people who questioned the decision by Brad Holmes. After all, running backs just don't have the same value as they once had in the NFL. But Holmes made it very clear following the pick that the Lions did not view Gibbs as only a running back, but as a weapon that can be used all over the field.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Jahmyr Gibbs' Spectacular TD Run: In the Monday Night Football matchup against the Las Vegas Raiders, Detroit Lions rookie Jahmyr Gibbs showcased his incredible talent with a jaw-dropping 27-yard touchdown run during the third quarter. This electrifying play put the Lions ahead with a score of 23-14.
  2. A Hint of Barry Sanders: While it's essential not to make direct comparisons, Gibbs' running style during the game drew parallels to legendary NFL running back Barry Sanders. Known for his remarkable vision and ability to find openings that most would miss, Sanders is regarded as one of the greatest running backs in NFL history.
  3. Draft Decision Validated: The Detroit Lions' choice to select Jahmyr Gibbs in the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft raised eyebrows among some critics who questioned the value of drafting a running back so early. However, Gibbs' standout performance during the game underscores the potential he brings to the Lions' offense.
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Bottom Line: A Star is Born

Jahmyr Gibbs' 27-yard touchdown run not only put the Lions in a favorable position during the game but also hinted at the remarkable potential he holds as a rising star in the NFL. While comparisons to Barry Sanders are to be taken with caution, Gibbs' performance serves as a testament to his agility and vision, validating the Lions' draft choice.