Jared Goff Has Higher Madden NFL 24 Rating Than Matthew Stafford

Jared Goff's Madden NFL 24 rating has been released, and he is higher than some pretty decent QBs.

Detroit Lions quarterback Jared Goff has received quite a bit of disrespect during the offseason when it comes to the NFL quarterback rankings, but he just got a little boost from the Madden NFL 24 video game. On Friday, the popular video game released its quarterback rankings for this year's edition of the game, and Goff received a rating of 80, which was substantially higher than that of former Lions QB, Matthew Stafford, who received a rating of 75.

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Jared Goff's Madden NFL 24 Rating Unveiled

Goff's rating of 80 does not sound like anything special, but it does place him at No. 13 on the list, which seems fair. That rating puts him just below Trevor Lawrence (82) and Geno Smith (81), and above Kyler Murray (79), Derek Carr (78), Deshaun Watson (78), and Russell Wilson (77).

Here are the Top 20 rated QBs for Madden 24:

Jared Goff Madden NFL 24
Jared Goff Madden NFL 24

Hendon Hooker, Nate Sudfeld Also Ranked

Madden 24 has also released ratings for Lions' rookie Hendon Hooker and backup, Nate Sudfeld. Hooker's first Madden rating of his career is 68, while Sudfeld comes in at just 55. In case you were wondering, the highest rating, not surprisingly, went to Patrick Mahomes, who received a 99.

Bottom Line: Goff Gets A Little Love

Goff's Madden ratings took quite a roller-coaster ride over the past few seasons. Starting at 77 in Madden 22, he experienced a dip down to 72 in Madden 23. However, this year, he's back in the 80's for the first time since Madden 20 in 2019. If Goff can duplicate the season he had in 2022, you can bet his Madden rating will continue to climb throughout the season. But more importantly, if he plays as well in 2023 as he did in 2022, the Lions are going to win a lot of football games.


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