Jeff Okudah has promise for Detroit Lions fans

Heading into the 2021 season, Jeff Okudah (and the Detroit Lions) hoped he would bounce back from what was a rough rookie campaign in 2020.

Unfortunately, Okudah suffered a torn Achilles during the Lions' Week 1 game, causing him to miss the final 16 games of his second season in the NFL.

On Thursday, Okudah spoke to the media and admitted that he broke down crying after he found out the extent of his injury.

From The Detroit News:

“The second I got into the car with my aunt, I just broke down and started crying,” Okudah said. “She had never really seen me cry before, but it was a lot of like — I just had big hopes for that last year. So that day I was really down. It kind of felt like I was living a nightmare, honestly, man.”

Jeff Okudah promises to give his all in 2022

When asked about what Detroit Lions fans should expect when he is finally given the green light to fully return to the field, Okudah did not make any bold predictions but he did make the fans a promise.

“I feel like I've been hungry, like I haven't ate in years,” Okudah said. “That hunger has just been inside of me since the injury. Really, even before the injury. I've had that feeling, man, for like two years, just that hunger. I'm ready to go out there and play to the best of my ability.

“…Honestly, I've never been one to say what I'm going to do. I'd rather just go out there and show you.”

Jeff Okudah is an outstanding person off of the football field and we sure are rooting for him to get back to being outstanding on the football field.

Personally, I think that will happen in 2022 as Okudah will establish himself as a solid contributor to the Lions' defense.

Nation, what do you think about Okudah's upside following his injury?