LOOK: Jim Harbaugh reveals three honorary captains for this season

There is no bigger celebrity in college football than Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh, and with the Wolverines season set to kick off September 2 against the Florida Gators, Harbaugh is working his team back into the news cycle, and working the phones as well.

Throughout the last few days, Harbaugh has posted three videos to his YouTube channel announcing the three honorary captains for Michigan football this year.

The coolest part about the videos was that it actually showed Harbaugh calling the recipients of the captaincy and having about a two-minute conversation with each.

And now, the moment you have been waiting for…

*drum roll please*

Your 2017 University of Michigan honorary football captains are:

  • Charles Woodson (Michigan DB 1995-1997, 1997 Heisman Trophy winner)
  • Adam Schefter (ESPN reporter, U of M graduate)
  • Tom Kartsotis (Founder of Fossil Group, Inc. and “Shinola” brand)

Woodson is without a doubt one the best players athletes in school history. He dominated when he was on the field, and this upcoming season will be the 20th anniversary of not only his Heisman Trophy winning season, but also Michigan's last national championship.

The game Woodson will be brought out as captain is “The Game” November 25th against Ohio State.

Schefter is not only a member of Michigan's graduating class of 1989, he also happens to the most prominent reporter for the most prominent sports league in America on the world's most prominent sports network.

Schefter can often be seen on ESPN reporting from his library/study room with the famed winged Michigan football helmet in the background, as pictured below.

Schefter will be the honorary captain when the Wolverines take on the Cincinnati Bearcats September 9th.

Kartsotis is the least known of the captains, but his Fossil Group, Inc. specializes in American made watches and fashion. On top of that, he also dust off his Hollywood agent chops and sets Harbaugh up with a cameo in the Comedy Central show Detroiters.

Kartsotis will be the captain for the aforementioned season opener against Florida in Arlington, Texas.