Madden Football finally nails Dan Campbell’s likeness! [Photo]

After epically failing with last year's game, the Madden Football franchise finally got Dan Campbell's likeness correct!

If you have played Madden Football since Dan Campbell took over as head coach of the Detroit Lions, you are well aware of the fact that the video game has not come even close to getting Campbell's likeness correct. But, as you are about to see, it looks like the most popular football video of all time finally got it right.

Dan Campbell Madden Football

Beta testing revealed another epic failure

In recent weeks, EA Sports released the Madden 24 game for beta testing, and among the eager participants were Lions fans. One notable aspect highlighted by the testers was the updated model of Campbell. Fans anticipated that this year's rendition would capture Campbell's likeness more accurately, mirroring his real-life appearance. Unfortunately, their expectations were met with disappointment. Check it out.

Madden finally gets Dan Campbell right!

Thankfully, it appears as if the Madden franchise listened to the fans, and as you are about to see, they nailed Campbell's likeness!

Madden Football
Dan Campbell


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