Matt Patricia explains reasoning behind 4th-and-goal play call

The Detroit Lions lost a heartbreaker against the Oakland Raiders this afternoon, falling by a 31-24 final score.

The game's final play was a desperate fourth and goal attempt by the Lions to tie the game in the final seconds of action, a play they weren't able to convert on.

“I think for us, we'll go back and take a look at it,” Patricia responded when asked about the play. “I thought we had a play in there that was pretty influential from that standpoint and I thought we were going to be able to get an opportunity knowing that they'd bring the pressure, or at least have a lot of big guys out there….we had a good chance with it in practice and I thought we'd have a good chance today – obviously, they played it really well.”

What fans may gripe about the most, however, is the fact that Detroit's top receivers in Kenny Golladay, Marvin Jones Jr., and Danny Amendola weren't on the field for the final play. Why not?

“We always have a couple of plays on the sheet that we can go to,” he said. “I was thinking in that situation, being so close down there, it was the one that drew the most attention.”

Is that a satisfactory answer?