[NSFW VIDEO] New York Giants fan loses his %&# after trade with Detroit Lions

On Wednesday morning news broke that the Detroit Lions had traded a fifth-round draft pick to the New York Giants for defensive lineman Damon Harrison. Harrison is known as one of the best run stoppers in the National Football League and he is exactly what the Lions needed the most as they have (and have had) one of the worst rush defenses in the universe.

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Following the announcement, many Lions fans were overcome with joy that the front office FINALLY made a trade that has just about everybody giving them a big pat on the back.

That was not the case for Giants fans.

After losing one of their best players for a draft pick that will likely be a special teams player at best, many Giants fans took to social media to voice their displeasure with the team.

But one fan took it a step further by capturing his over-the-top, profanity-laced reaction on video and then posting it to YouTube.

*Warning…This is not safe to watch at work or around young children unless you want to warp their brain at a young age.


JUST IN: Detroit Lions Matt Patricia says deal with New Giants ‘not complete’

On Wednesday morning, news broke out of nowhere that the Detroit Lions had dealt a fifth-round draft pick to the New York Giants for defensive lineman Damon Harrison.

While speaking to the media today, Lions’ head coach Matt Patricia said he could not comment on the report of the trade with the Giants because it was “not complete.”


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