MUST SEE: Rich Eisen goes on monumental rant, demands respect for Detroit Lions

Let’s face it, heading into the Detroit Lions matchup against the New York Giants on Monday Night Football, most of the “so-called” experts thought the Lions would fall on their face like they have so many times before.

But that did not happen. Instead, the Lions went into MetLife Stadium and dismantled what should have been a desperate Giants team.

Following the game, you would think the talk of the town would have been about the 2-0 Lions and how they could truly be a legit contender in the NFC. Instead, almost all of the talk (outside of Michigan that is), centered around the Giants starting off 0-2 and how bad they have looked early on in the season.

One person who agrees wholeheartedly that the Detroit Lions have earned respect is Rich Eisen of the NFL Network. Watch as Eisen, a University of Michigan grad, goes on a monumental rant, demanding the Lions be shown respect.

This coming Sunday, the Lions will face a huge test when the undefeated Atlanta Falcons invade Ford Field. Many thought the Falcons would have a tough time rebounding after blowing the biggest Super Bowl lead in NFL history, but that has not been the case through two games.

If the Lions play their game and avoid turnovers, they have a great shot at taking down the defending NFC Champions. Come Monday morning, if they did, in fact, defeat the Atlanta Falcons, you can bet your bottom dollar that the respect will start flowing like honey for OUR Detroit Lions.

But until then, it’s Detroit vs. Everybody!

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