Packers coach Matt LaFleur: Matthew Stafford is elite

Ahead of the Monday Night Football matchup next week between the divisional rival Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers, there has been praise from the Packers side of things given to Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford.

And now, that praise is coming from Packers head coach Matt Lafleur.

“You know, Matthew Stafford, I think he is an elite quarterback,” LaFleur said while on a conference call with Detroit reporters.

“He’s a natural thrower,” he continued. “He’s extremely accurate, and, you know, I haven’t really gone against him many times on teams I’ve been on, but we all watch the same tape, and I’ve always thought he was an elite quarterback.”

Of course, LaFleur knows what elite looks like as his quarterback is none other than Aaron Rodgers. But how many elite quarterbacks are there in the NFL?

“I don’t know (how many of them there are) to be honest with you,” LaFleur said. “I know he’s one of them though.”

Through four weeks this season, Stafford is averaging 280.5 passing yards per game (10th in the league) and 8.0 yards per attempt (eighth), along with nine touchdowns and just two interceptions.