Matthew Stafford, Sean McVay star in latest Top Gun: Maverick trailer [Video]

On May 24, “Top Gun: Maverick” starring Tom Cruise will hit theaters and when it does so, it’s projected to make a killing. Leading up to the release date, Paramount Pictures has dropped a trailer that features Matthew Stafford, Sean McVay, Scottie Scheffler, Aliyah Boston, and Juliana Pena. To celebrate the release of TOP GUN: … Read more

Los Angeles Rams drop epic NFL Draft hype video featuring Matthew Stafford

The NFL Draft is just two days away and the Los Angeles Rams, despite not having a pick until the third round (No. 104 overall), have released a draft hype video titled, “On the Clock: The House Always Wins”. Embed from Getty Images The video, as you can see below, features Matthew Stafford, Aaron Donald, … Read more

Former Lions QB Matthew Stafford praises Miguel Cabrera and Detroit fans at Comerica Park

He’ll always be beloved in the Motor City for his 12 seasons with the Detroit Lions, and he had plenty of people cheering for him as he led the Los Angeles Rams to Super Bowl glory earlier this year. Embed from Getty Images Former Lions quarterback and reigning Super Bowl champion Matthew Stafford is back … Read more

Kelly Stafford tells Matthew Stafford he’s returning to Lions when his contract is done in L.A.

On Friday, Matthew Stafford and Kelly Stafford were back in Detroit to break ground on their expansion of SAY Detroit’s SAY Play Center, named the “Kelly and Matthew Stafford & Friends Education Center.” Embed from Getty Images During the ceremony, which included Mitch Albom, Kelly told Matthew that when his contract is done with the … Read more

5 Greatest quarterbacks in Detroit Lions history

The Detroit Lions have only won one playoff game since the 1950s but have had a handful of solid quarterbacks nearly take them to the next level. From Bobby Layne winning an NFL Championship in the 1950s to Matthew Stafford breaking every Lions record known to man, Detroit quarterbacks have always been able to sling … Read more

Kelly Stafford opens up about Super Bowl parade incident involving Matthew Stafford

By now, you have almost certainly seen the Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl parade celebration that involved Matthew Stafford and his wife, Kelly. During the celebration, the Staffords were on a stage along with NFL photographer, Kelly Smiley when Smiley suddenly fell from the stage, fracturing her spine. As soon as Smiley fell, Matthew quickly … Read more

Matthew Stafford agrees to massive contract extension with Los Angeles Rams

He’s fresh off his first career Super Bowl victory, and now he’s got himself a hefty new contract extension. According to multiple reports, the Los Angeles Rams are signing Matthew Stafford to a four year contract extension worth a reported $160 million, with a whopping guaranteed $135 million. It’s a 4-year extension worth $160M, source … Read more

Matthew Stafford gets a new toy and many Detroit Lions fans will be upset

UPDATE: Here are the contract details for new Los Angeles Rams WR Allen Robinson. 3-years, $46.5 million with $30.7 million guaranteed. The #Rams are signing WR Allen Robinson to a three-year, $46.5 million deal that includes $30.7M fully guaranteed, per sources. The deal was negotiated by agents @bparker of @vaynersports and Roosevelt Barnes. — … Read more

Detroit Lions OC Ben Johnson’s prediction for offensive line will excite fans

Detroit Lions Futures Odds

The Detroit Lions have themselves a new offensive coordinator this season after the departure of Anthony Lynn, and he’s none other than Ben Johnson, who helped as much as anyone to accelerate Detroit’s passing game in the second half of the 2021 campaign. And interestingly enough, it was none other than former Lions quarterback Matthew … Read more

Kelly Stafford reveals what Matthew Stafford said to her the moment the photographer fell off stage

By now, you have almost certainly seen the video of the female photographer who fell off of the stage in front of Matthew Stafford and Kelly Stafford during the Super Bowl Parade. According to the photographer, she fractured her spine and broke her cameras during the fall. As soon as the photographer fell off of … Read more

One game that changed the course of Matthew Stafford’s time with Detroit Lions

During Matthew Stafford‘s time with the Detroit Lions, I can’t even make a guess how many times I had to defend him against the trolls who would come out of the woodwork each and every time he did something less-than-perfect. Throughout his 12 seasons in Detroit, I (and plenty of others) knew that Stafford could … Read more

Top 5 Offensive players in Detroit Lions history

The Detroit Lions have had a long-running history of prolific offensive players. When the Lions do have a great offense, it is a very beautiful sight to see. Many who grace this list were not lucky enough to win a championship. However, that doesn’t take away from their individual accomplishments. Here are the top 5 … Read more

Photographer who fractured spine in front of Matthew Stafford deletes Twitter page after racist tweets surface

UPDATE: Welp, apparently Kelly Smiley, who was the photographer who fell off the stage and fractured her spine during the Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl Parade, has a history of posting racist messages on Twitter. As soon as the racist tweets surfaced, Smiley quickly deleted her Twitter account. Check it out. PREVIOUS REPORTS: On … Read more