Dennis Rodman battles Bill Laimbeer in first return to Detroit [Video]

For seven seasons, Bill Laimbeer and Dennis Rodman were partners in crime with the ‘Bad Boys’ Detroit Pistons. But as you are about to see, once Rodman left town for the San Antonio Spurs, Laimbeer viewed his former teammate as the enemy. Take a look as Laimbeer continuously pesters the easily agitated Rodman, which eventually … Read more

Top 10 Scariest Athletes in Detroit Sports History

Detroit, Michigan has been the home of some of the baddest, some of the meanest, and no doubt some of the toughest professional athletes to ever play their respective sports. In honor of Halloween, we take a look at ten of the scariest guys to ever wear a Detroit uniform. I made the list in … Read more

Top 5 Most electrifying athletes in Detroit sports history

The city of Detroit has a long and storied sports tradition. From the dominance of the Detroit Red Wings in the 1990s, the 3-time NBA champion Detroit Pistons, the charter American League member and 4-time world champion Detroit Tigers to…well…the lovable Detroit Lions. To honor all that championship pedigree, history, and Honolulu Blue and Silver heartbreak we decided to put together … Read more

Original ‘Malice at the Palace’ happened over 14 years earlier [Video]

On the morning of Thursday, April 19, 1990, the Philadelphia 76ers awakened with the knowledge that the only thing standing between them and their first Atlantic Division championship since 1983, was the Detroit Pistons. The two teams appeared to be evenly matched. Alongside Philly’s Atlantic Division prospects, the defending NBA champion Pistons were already on … Read more

Former Detroit Bad Boy Bill Laimbeer makes history with latest win

Detroit Pistons

On Thursday night, former Detroit Pistons Bad Boy Bill Laimbeer made WNBA history as the Las Vegas Aces came from behind to defeat Atlanta 78-71. With the win, Laimbeer became the second coach in WNBA history to win 300 career games. The @LVAces comeback from a 10-point deficit to secure Bill Laimbeer's 300th win 👌#CountIt … Read more

10 Notorious times the state of Michigan got jobbed by the refs

lions michigan michigan state

No matter the sport, referees make mistakes. That being said, it seems like teams from the state of Michigan seem to get jobbed by the refs more than anyone else. Let’s take a look at ten notorious times the Great Lakes State felt the burn from the men in stripes (in no particular order): 1. … Read more

OTD: Isiah Thomas breaks hand after punching Bill Laimbeer in head

When it comes to the history of the Detroit Pistons, it cannot be told without mentioning Isiah Thomas and Bill Laimbeer over and over again. Thomas and Laimbeer were teammates on the ‘Bad Boys’ teams that ended up winning back-to-back NBA Championships. Embed from Getty Images But just because they won together does not mean … Read more

5 athletes with Detroit/Michigan ties make ‘Greatest Modern Sports Villains/Jerks’ bracket

When we take a look at the world of sports, there are a plethora of players who we would consider villains or jerks. Well, according to a 16-player bracket recently released by Inside Access 1057 The Fan, four current or former players with Michigan/Detroit ties made the cut. Those players are Draymond Green (MSU), Reggie … Read more

Former Detroit Piston Bill Laimbeer tackles Larry Bird, Robert Parish retaliates [Video]

If you were a fan of Bill Laimbeer, especially during the late ’80s and early ’90s, you had the opportunity to watch one of the biggest badasses in NBA history. Laimbeer was a hard-nosed, physical player who was not about to back down from anybody. He was the ultimate team player who was willing to … Read more

Bill Laimbeer on Jordan and Bulls: “They’re a bunch of whiners”

Former Detroit Pistons Bad Boy Bill Laimbeer was one of the central figures involved in the legendary rivalry against the Chicago Bulls in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. Of course, the rivalry was discussed at length in “The Last Dance,” a 10-part documentary on the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls. Laimbeer joined ESPN’s Rachel Nichols on … Read more

Former Pistons C Bill Laimbeer weighs in on GOAT debate

Michael Jordan or LeBron James? When talking about the greatest player in NBA history, most seem to agree that the debate comes down to Jordan vs. James. Though it does not come as any surprise whatsoever, former Detroit Pistons’ C Bill Laimbeer has weighed in and he believes LeBron James is the GOAT. I love … Read more

Pistons win big on the road, defeat the Atlanta Hawks 136-103

Detroit Pistons

The Detroit Pistons (16-27) came away with another win on the road tonight, this time defeating the Atlanta Hawks (10-33) 136-103. The Pistons were on cruise control for a majority of tonight’s game and were almost never in any real danger of losing their lead. The Pistons went into halftime with a 71-55 and finished … Read more

NBA releases “Zero-Tolerance policy”, Is the NBA too soft?

Fan behavior is about to change drastically at NBA games in the upcoming season, but why is that? Is heckling not allowed anymore? Is the NBA “too soft”? Well, let’s jump right into it. What’s happening? Around 12 NBA players all gathered into a phone conference with league officials this summer, all of which were … Read more

LOOK: Pistons all-time roster for NBA 2K revealed

NBA 2K is far and away the best basketball based video game series on the market right now, and they always find a way to create massive hype around their yearly releases. One new addition that has fans clamoring for NBA 2K18 is their release of “all-time” teams, which takes the best players in each … Read more

Bill Laimbeer chimes in on Jordan vs. LeBron debate

Ever since LeBron James entered the National Basketball League straight out of high school, he has been compared to Michael Jordan. Some would argue that there will never be a player a great as “His Airness” while others are convinced that LeBron is even better. Now, with “King” James on the verge of playing in yet … Read more

VIDEO: Watch some of the best Bad Boys fights!

The Detroit Pistons of the late 1980’s and early 1990’s were affectionately known as the “Bad Boys”. Their trademark tough defense and physical play led to two consecutive NBA titles in 1989 and 1990. You definitely paid the price when you played the Bad Boys. Names like Isaiah Tomas, Bill Laimbeer, John Salley, Dennis Rodman, … Read more