Friday Night Fights: 5 best NHL fights from October

Who doesn’t love some good hockey fights? From the moment the sticks and the gloves hit the ice, you can feel the electricity in the air as the crowd roars to life watching the men on the ice take swings at one another. While the role of fighting in today’s NHL has diminished a bit, … Read more

FIGHT!! Former WMU Bronco Luke Witkowski goes toe-to-toe with New York’s Tanner Glass

One of the best hockey fight’s we’ve seen all season took place on Monday night in Tampa, as Lightning defenseman and Holland, Michigan native Luke Witkowski took on New York Rangers forward Tanner Glass. Full fight between Tanner Glass and Luke Witkowski. Lasted 1:07. What a scrap. — Brady Trettenero (@BradyTrett) March 7, 2017 … Read more

WATCH: Flyers Wayne Simmonds takes out Red Wings Jonathan Ericsson with one punch

Defenseman Jonathon Ericsson tried to jolt the Detroit Red Wings out of their current slump by fighting with Wayne Simmonds of the Philadelphia Flyers. The Red Wings ended up winning the game, but, Ericsson did not win the fight. He fell victim to a vicious left from Simmons. Check out the video below: Goodnight Ericsson. #FlyersTalk — … Read more

Flashback: Darren McCarty scraps with Lyle Odelein [Video]

January 13th, 2003 Former Detroit Red Wings bruiser Darren McCarty has never been one to back down from a fight or to defend himself if he felt the need for it. In this flashback video, Chicago Blackhawks Lyle Odelein comes in high on McCarty in the corner and McCarty immediately drops the gloves and looks … Read more

VIDEO: Abdelkader and Connauton have a short tussle

While not a big-swinging “fight” as we sometimes see, it’s still good to see our players standing up for their captain finally. After Henrik Zetterberg was knocked to the ice awkwardly on a questionable play, Justin Abdelkader took exception to it and took it out on Kevin Connauton. The fight was more or less a draw, seeing as neither guy could really get an arm free.

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Flashback: Amazing Hockey Brawl Ends With High Five

Whether or not you agree that fights should be allowed in hockey, you have to agree that they can be extremely exciting to watch. As I was going through YouTube I came across this fight video between Joel Theriault and Gaby Roch of the Ligue Nord-Américaine de Hockey, a Quebec-based semi-pro league that is actually known for it’s great fights. The fight itself was great, but the way that it ends is classic. Only in hockey would something like this ever happen.

Watching a good hockey brawl never gets old, especially the great brawls like this one. Enjoy!


Video: Red Wings’ Ericsson and Avalanche’s MacKinnon Square Off

Being dead last in fighting majors in the NHL, this is something that Red Wings fans don’t get to witness very often. In a quick scrum for the puck, Jonathan Ericsson pushed Nathan MacKinnon down to the ice along the boards. MacKinnon apparently took exception to the act because he started pushing and jawing at … Read more

Hockey Dad vs. Pane of Glass

This isn’t really a “fight”, I guess you could classify it a “hit”, but it’s definitely too crazy not to see. Apparently, this hockey dad doesn’t agree with a call made on the ice, and the only thing around to take out his frustrations on is the glass on the boards in front of him. … Read more