Jim Harbaugh named the “Most Annoying” college coach

Every college football fan will tell you things about opposing coaches they don’t like, but who is truly deserving of the title of “most annoying” head coach?

According to 12UP, that dubious honor belongs to none other than Michigan Football head coach Jim Harbaugh.

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Here is their reasoning:

“Harbaugh was supposed to make Michigan title contenders again. Instead, he’s failed to beat Ohio State, has been embarrassed in bowl games, and has wasted the talents of NFL players with three and four-loss seasons.

The problem with Harbaugh, however, is that he’s kept up this tough football coach bravado and Stanford-esque “smartest guy in the room” persona despite the fact that his archaic offense isn’t translating into Ws at the college level. I’m sure when he goes 10-4 next year, he’ll find some way to blame someone other than himself.”

As if the galavanting around the world, climbing trees, sleepovers at recruits’ houses, and jumping into swimming pools fully clothed wasn’t bad enough!


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