3 Players The Detroit Lions could trade up for in 2024 NFL Draft

Here are a few players the Detroit Lions could trade up for on Thursday night

The 2024 NFL Draft is set to commence this Thursday night, and the Detroit Lions are currently positioned with the No. 29 overall pick in the first round. Despite this late-round selection, there’s buzzing speculation that the Lions might be looking to trade up to secure a highly coveted player. If the team decides to make a move, here are three potential draft prospects that could be worth the trade for a shot at landing a first-round star.

Detroit Lions Governor Gretchen Whitmer players the Detroit Lions could trade up for

CB Terrion Arnold (Alabama)

Terrion Arnold emerges from Alabama not just as a player but as a potential cornerstone for any NFL defense. Arnold possesses a rare combination of athleticism and competitive spirit, paired with exceptional ball skills that enable him to make impactful plays across the field. His versatility is a significant asset; Arnold can effectively play both inside and outside, adapting seamlessly to various defensive schemes. As a top prospect, he has the potential to become the primary cornerback for an NFL team, making him an attractive option for the Lions if they’re looking to bolster their secondary.

CB Quinyon Mitchell (Toledo)

Quinyon Mitchell from Toledo is another standout cornerback who combines size and speed to maintain optimal positioning against receivers. What sets Mitchell apart is his composure; he doesn’t panic under pressure and consistently disrupts passes. His game tape and inherent traits suggest that he’s not just ready for the NFL but poised to thrive as a starter. For the Lions, Mitchell could be a strategic pick to strengthen their defense, bringing a high level of play and potential long-term stability to the cornerback position.

EDGE Jared Verse (Florida State)

Jared Verse of Florida State is a name that resonates with power and tenacity in the 2024 draft class. Known for his explosive start and formidable strength, Verse can dominate the line of scrimmage and disrupt offensive plays with remarkable efficiency. His advanced hand techniques and relentless energy make him a nightmare for opponents. With physical attributes that match his competitive nature, Verse offers a high floor as an NFL starter. The Lions, should they seek to enhance their pass rush, might find Verse an irresistible target in the draft’s early rounds.

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