3 Offensive Linemen the Detroit Lions Could Select at No. 29

3 Offensive Linemen the Detroit Lions Could Select at No. 29

As the 2024 NFL Draft approaches, the Detroit Lions are positioned with the No. 29 pick in the first round, sparking discussions and predictions about their potential selection strategy. General Manager Brad Holmes has emphasized the importance of a robust offensive line in achieving success in the NFL. Despite possessing one of the league’s top offensive lines, the Lions face challenges with aging players and injury concerns, making it likely that Holmes might opt to fortify this critical unit. Here are three offensive linemen who could be on the Lions’ radar at the No. 29 overall pick.

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Graham Barton, Duke University

Graham Barton has been a standout at Duke, starting three seasons at left tackle. However, his transition to the NFL may see him moving inside due to his shorter arm length. Barton’s intelligence and athleticism are top-notch, and his ability to play all five positions on the line makes him an exceptionally versatile prospect. This flexibility could be incredibly valuable for the Detroit Lions, offering them various options for optimizing their offensive line configuration based on need and game situation.

Jackson Powers-Johnson, University of Oregon

Jackson Powers-Johnson, the recipient of last year’s Rimington Trophy as the nation’s top center, brings a tenacious and robust playing style to the table. Not only has Powers-Johnson excelled at the center position, but he also has experience playing on the defensive line, showcasing his versatility and adaptability. His aggressive approach and solid build make him a formidable presence on the line, potentially providing the Detroit Lions with a reliable anchor for their offensive line.

Zach Frazier, West Virginia University

Zach Frazier from West Virginia is not just an accomplished football player but also a four-time high school state wrestling champion. This background in wrestling has translated into exceptional balance and leverage on the football field, skills that are crucial for an offensive lineman. Frazier’s skills and mentality could mesh well with the Lions’ current lineup and strategic needs.

Bottom Line: Time Will Tell

As the draft day nears, Brad Holmes and the Detroit Lions’ decision-makers are undoubtedly evaluating their options carefully. The selection of an offensive lineman like Barton, Powers-Johnson, or Frazier could provide both immediate and long-term benefits, shoring up the team’s offensive line to maintain its competitiveness and address the challenges posed by injuries and aging players. With Holmes’ track record of strategic moves, Lions fans can look forward to an addition that aligns with the team’s broader objectives and enhances their chances of success in the coming seasons.

Written by W.G. Brady

W.G. Brady is a Detroit-based journalist who has been covering the Detroit sports scene for Detroit Sports Nation for several years. He is in his early 30s and has a wealth of experience in the industry. Throughout his career, W.G. has established himself as a respected and knowledgeable journalist known for his in-depth coverage of the teams and athletes in Detroit. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for sports, W.G. has become a go-to source for fans and readers looking for the latest news and analysis on the Detroit sports scene. He has a good reputation in the sports community and is respected for his unbiased coverage of sports events. W.G. is known for his ability to uncover hidden stories and provide unique perspectives on the teams and athletes he covers. He has a good understanding of the city of Detroit and its sports culture, which he uses to inform his reporting and analysis. He continues to be a respected journalist in the Detroit sports industry.

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