5 Potential replacements for Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford

After going 3-12-1 in 2019, the hope was that the Detroit Lions would turn things around in 2020 and make a run at the NFL Playoffs. After all, they were without Matthew Stafford for the final eight games of the 2019 season, and with him under center, the Lions offense is a different animal.


Unfortunately, things have not gone as planned as the Lions have struggled in 2020, and their chances of making the playoffs grow slimmer and slimmer as the weeks go by.

If the Lions do not make the playoffs (newsflash: they are not), expect head coach Matt Patricia to be fired and his partner in crime Bob Quinn could (and should) be sent packing too. (Editor's Note: Patricia and Quinn have been fired)

Assuming Quinntricia is blasted out of a cannon never to be seen or heard from again, Lions' ownership will have to bring in a new general manager and a new head coach for the 2021 season.


If the Lions continue to play poorly this season, they could end up with a very high draft pick in 2021 and they very well could decide to use that pick on Matthew Stafford's potential replacement.

Here are five college quarterbacks the Lions could consider drafting to replace Matthew Stafford.

(Note: Depending on where the Lions end up selecting, will determine which of these quarterbacks will be available)

Trevor Lawrence – Clemson


Trevor Lawrence will almost certainly be the first name called in the 2021 NFL Draft. Lawrence has been projected as pick 1-1 for a long time and when all is said and done, I believe he will be a star in the NFL. If the Lions lose out, they would finish with a 3-13 record but even that may not be enough to get them a shot at Lawrence.

Justin Fields – Ohio State


Since transferring to Ohio State, Fields has gotten better and better and there is no doubt in my mind that he will be the second quarterback taken. Like Lawrence will probably be off the board when the Lions are on the clock, but you never know!

Trey Lance – North Dakota State


Now we start to move into the territory where the Lions could realistically be drafting. Trey Lance is a player that not many casual fans know about but you can bet he will be one of the most talked-about players heading into the 2021 NFL Draft. Lance has not played against the level of competition that Lawrence and Fields have but he has great ability and I think he will be a top 10 pick.

Zach Wilson – BYU


Look out for Zach Wilson. Wilson has been climbing the draft boards for some time now and he is working his way into the top 10 of the 2021 NFL Draft. Like Lance, Wilson is not a player that many were talking about until recently but if he keeps on playing as he has for BYU in 2020, and then shows well at the 2021 NFL Scouting Combine, expect his name to be called just outside of the top 10. In fact, Wilson may end up being in the right spot for the Lions to select him.

Kyle Trask – Florida


Last but certainly not least is Florida quarterback Kyle Trask. Trask continues to get better each week and he has forced NFL scouts to take a closer look. If the draft were held today, I could see a team with quarterback needs taking him in the 20-30 range of the first round. He could end up being a player the Lions could trade back for.