Ben Johnson thinks Jared Goff will be even better in 2023

Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson made headlines recently when he turned down potential head coaching opportunities to remain with the Lions. Johnson, who has been instrumental in developing the team's offense, praised quarterback Jared Goff‘s performance in 2022 but believes he has even more to offer in 2023. Johnson's decision to stay in Detroit is a testament to their progress over the past year. The Lions' offense was one of the best in the NFL in 2022, and Johnson's play-calling combined with Goff's execution was a significant factor in that success. With Johnson's decision to stay put and Goff's continued development, the Lions have high hopes for the future of their offense.

Ben Johnson Jared Goff

What Ben Johnson said about Jared Goff

During a recent interview with, Johnson talked about how impressed he has been with Goff, and how he believes he will take another step forward in 2023.

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“There was plenty that we took from him from his past that we knew he did really well,” Johnson said. “And he opened up and was willing to be challenged in some areas, as well. We saw him make tremendous growth from the end of last year, through training camp. Bye week, we dove in on how he would improve as a player and thought we saw the dividends of that in the second half of the season. The good news is this, when he comes back in the building, we're going to have another plan of action for him to take another few steps forward, to where he can continue to progress and be an even better player than he was this past year. That's the exciting thing, and knowing him, he's going to embrace it and run with it.”

Why it Matters for Johnson, Goff, and the Lions

For Johnson, the decision to turn down head coaching opportunities was likely a difficult one, but it speaks to the loyalty he has to the Lions organization. Johnson has played an integral role in building the Lions' offense, and his decision to remain with the team shows that he believes in the potential for even greater success in the years to come.

As for Goff, Johnson's comments serve as a vote of confidence in his abilities. Despite a challenging start to the 2022 season, Goff led the Lions' offense to significant success, and Johnson believes he is capable of even more in the coming year. With Johnson's guidance, Goff could be poised for a breakout year in 2023.

Bottom Line:

Ben Johnson's decision to remain with the Lions and his faith in Jared Goff's abilities bode well for the team's future. The Lions' offense was already among the best in the league in 2022, and with Johnson's continued leadership and Goff's continued development, there is reason to believe that the offense will be even better in 2023. For Lions fans, the future is looking bright.

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