BREAKING: Detroit Lions re-sign 2 defenders

According to the Detroit Lions, they have re-signed a pair of defensive players.

the Lions announced on Monday that they have re-signed LB Steve Longa and DE Mitchell Loewen.

Neither player saw any game action for the Lions in 2018 as Longa was injured and Loewen was signed during the final week of the season.


3 Reasons why the Alliance of American Football league WILL fail

As eight o’clock approached on Saturday night, my 6-year-old son and I sat down on the couch, ready to watch some Alliance of American Football league action! We had the team we were going to root for picked out – the Atlanta Legends because we are Michigan fans and Denard Robinson is one of their RBs – and we were excited to see a brand new league kickoff. (Of course, that did not happen because there are no kickoffs in the AAF)

I had already explained to my son that some of the rules in the AAF were different than the NFL, including the fact that teams must go for two every time they score a touchdown. This particular rule excited him because he always goes for two when he plays his video game!

So, after sitting and waiting for the actual game to begin (we thought it was an 8 pm start, it was actually past 8:30 when it began), things actually got underway. As the first quarter went on, it was apparent to me that we were not watching quality football. My son was enjoying it because he does not really have an eye for talent yet, but even he pointed out within five minutes of action that the quarterbacks were not very good at “throwing the ball.”

As I started to get bored, I decided to browse Twitter to see some of the reactions being thrown out and I was pretty surprised for the most part. People actually seemed to be enjoying the overall product. That being said, most of the compliments had to do with the different rules and the transparency during reviews, rather than the play on the field.

When the ratings came out for Opening Night, people were quick to point out that the AAF actually had better ratings than the Saturday night NBA game it was matched up against. Folks, that will not happen again, book it. The ratings were good because people felt the need to check out a new thing and that is it. Just watch over the next couple of months as those ratings plummet quickly.

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