BREAKING: Tigers settle on a contract with Andrew Romine

The Detroit Tigers have six players who possibly up for salary arbitration this season including utility player Andrew Romine. Jon Heyman is reporting that Detroit has avoided that with Romine and he will be wearing the Old English D in 2017.

There was some talk that GM Al Avila might not bring back Romine. This would have been done if the Tigers were truly in money-saving mode. The reality is at $1.3 million dollars, Romine is a bargain. He is the backup at almost every position and has demonstrated good value to the Tigers in the past.

Other players that are eligible for arbitration include Jose Iglesias, Justin Wilson, Alex Wilson, Bruce Rondon, and Nick Castellanos. Detroit is expected to reach a deal with all of these players as each of them will likely play a key role in the 2017 team.

Written by Leonard Elmore

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