Broadcaster Dick Vitale makes major announcement on Twitter

The legendary Dick Vitale tweeted out the latest update on his health this afternoon, and it'll certainly raise a few smiles

Legendary broadcaster Dick Vitale announced earlier this year that he'll be stepping aside for the remainder of this season in order to rest his voice and correct Dysplasia and ulcerated lesions on his vocal cords. This came on the heels of having announced in late 2021 that doctors had diagnosed him with lymphoma.

Earlier this afternoon, the 83 year old tweeted out the news update on his health that we were waiting for! He wrote the following:

“Dr Rick Brown just notified me with my results of my major Pet Scan & told me news I wish EVERY cancer patient can hear . He said “Dick u have gone from being in remission to being CANCER FREE” ! Thank u to ALL of YOU that have sent me”

Of course, Dick Vitale is best known for his 41 years behind the microphone as a college basketball broadcaster for ESPN.

Dick Vitale is among college basketball's legendary figures

“Oh, absolutely. It’s been my livelihood,” Vitale explained of his work. “Here’s what I’m known for, being a talkative kind of guy, going out, having fun. Not only just the games, but all my life… And I missed that. I missed being me. I felt trapped. I felt trapped. I couldn’t express myself. I just felt trapped.”

Dick Vitale has previously served as the head coach at The University of Detroit, leading the Titans to a 78–30 during his time at the school. He later would take over as the bench boss of the Detroit Pistons, leading them to a 30-52 mark in the 1978-79 NBA season; he would be dismissed the following year following a 4-8 record to begin the season.

We're certainly thankful for the positive update on Vitale's health, and we hope to hear him back behind the microphone as soon as possible. Here's hoping that he'll be right back where he belongs when March Madness rolls around early next year!