Dan Campbell reveals plan for Malcolm Rodriguez vs. New Orleans Saints

Dan Campbell reveals plan for Malcolm Rodriguez vs. New Orleans Saints. Just like high school!

Dan Campbell reveals plan for Malcolm Rodriguez vs. New Orleans Saints

According to Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell, Malcolm Rodriguez, who is in his second season in the NFL, is set to break the mold by playing both sides of the ball in the upcoming game against the New Orleans Saints. This move is not only rare in modern NFL gameplay but also highlights Rodriguez's incredible versatility and athleticism.

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What Did Dan Campbell Say About Malcolm Rodriguez

With Alex Anzalone expected to be out due to a hand injury, Rodriguez is poised to see action in all three phases of the game against New Orleans. Campbell expressed confidence in Rodriguez's abilities, praising his hands, toughness, and smart play.

“He’s gonna have to take on a bigger load,” Dan Campbell said Wednesday. “He plays a little bit on defense and we’re gonna need him more on offense, too. So we’re gonna stretch him out here a little bit, but he can handle it. He’s got hands, too, you saw that, can flip his hips. He’s tough, he’s got leverage. He’s smart.”

Why it Matters

Rodriguez, ever since being drafted by the Lions, has shown a willingness to do whatever it takes to contribute to the team's success, a commitment he has been demonstrating in 2023. Not only is Rodrigo able to play linebacker and fullback, but he is also a key player on the Lions' special teams unit.

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Dan Campbell says Malcolm Rodriguez will play both offense and defense against the Saints.
  2. Filling in for injured players, Rodriguez has shown notable versatility.
  3. Rodriguez is expected to contribute in all three game phases, showcasing his multifaceted skills.

The Bottom Line: Rodriguez Shines as a Football Swiss Army Knife

Malcolm Rodriguez‘s evolution into a two-way player for the Detroit Lions marks a significant moment in modern football, challenging traditional norms of player roles. His readiness to embrace multiple positions not only demonstrates his exceptional talent but also reflects a changing landscape in the NFL, where versatility is increasingly becoming a valued asset. As Rodriguez prepares to showcase his skills against the Saints, he not only represents the Lions' adaptability but also stands as a testament to the evolving nature of football strategy.