Dan Campbell says he is “interested” in retaining Golladay, Okwara

The Detroit Lions have decisions to make apart from the monumental, franchise-altering move that’s expected shortly in the form of a Matthew Stafford trade.

Wideout Kenny Golladay and defensive end Romeo Okwara are both set to become free-agents, and new head coach Dan Campbell is open to seeing them both on his roster next season.

“Yeah, I would say, first of all, I’ve talked to both of them,” Campbell said. “Brad and I are both going to sit down and we’re going to call those guys together, as one, and just kind of talk through things with them. I would say, man, I’m interested. You know, first and foremost, I want guys that want to be here. I want to make sure first that’s something they really want, they want to be back here and they want to be part of something special. That, to me, is step number one.

“Then step two is, well, does it fit us?,” Campbell said. “Where are they at financially? Where are we at? What does it mean? What what does that do to us moving forward? All those things come into play, but I would say there’s not a closed door on either one of those guys.”

Okwara has set himself up for a substantial raise following a career season. Meanwhile, Golladay led the NFL in touchdown receptions two seasons ago, but was injured throughout the 2020 campaign.

During a recent NFL Network interview, Golladay expressed interest in remaining in the Motor City and praised new head coach Campbell.

“Actually, I’m feeling pretty good, now,” Golladay said. “I’m really excited to get back to work. Coach Campbell came with that energy, you know? I’m trying to match that same energy he came with.”

With the impending Stafford move, the Lions could soon have plenty more cap space with which to work.

– – Quotes via Justin Rogers of The Detroit News Link – –

Written by Michael Whitaker

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