Dan Campbell talks to media after 2nd worst loss as Detroit Lions head coach

Dan Campbell talks to media after 2nd worst loss as Detroit Lions head coach.

Dan Campbell talks to media after 2nd worst loss as Detroit Lions head coach

The Detroit Lions had a shot to move to 6-1 on the season on Sunday, but Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens had something else in mind. In a game that was not remotely as close as the score indicated, the Ravens defeated the Lions 38-6 in Week 7 to move to 5-2 on the season. Following the game, Dan Campbell spoke to the media about his second-worst loss as head coach of the Lions.

Dan Campbell talks to media

“They Kicked Our Ass”

The 38-6 score was Campbell's second-biggest point differential in a loss since taking over as the Lions head coach back in 2021. His previous biggest loss came back in 2021 when the Eagles beat the Lions 44-6.

While speaking to reporters, Campbell gave credit to Jackson and the Ravens.

“Those guys, they played well, they kicked our ass,” Campbell told reporters. “And it's a credit to them, Lamar beat us, he hammered us with his arm, um, you know. He threw the ball extremely well, he ran when he needed to, um, and we did not handle it well.”

Dan Campbell the “Energy was good”

Campbell added that he does not believe that energy was the problem.

“Our energy was good, which is crazy,” Campbell added. “You come out of a game like that and you look at the score, our energy was good. But our detail and discipline, which has been so good over the last four or five weeks, was not good enough. So, self-induced, that was a combination of a lot of different things, you know. And just like we win as a team, we lose as a team.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Lopsided Loss: The Detroit Lions had a shot at their sixth win of the season, but a dominant performance by Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens resulted in a 38-6 defeat.
  2. Credit to the Ravens: Dan Campbell acknowledged the Ravens' performance, giving credit to Jackson and his team. He commended Jackson's ability to excel in both passing and running, emphasizing their challenge in handling him.
  3. Mixed Evaluation: Despite the resounding loss, Campbell noted that the team's energy remained high throughout the game. However, he expressed disappointment in their lack of detail and discipline, which had been strong in recent weeks.
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Bottom Line: Missed Opportunity

The Detroit Lions faced a daunting defeat at the hands of the Baltimore Ravens, marking one of the most significant losses during Dan Campbell's tenure. While the energy remained high, the team's performance lacked the detail and discipline that had characterized their recent games. Despite the outcome, it's clear that Campbell maintains his commitment to a team-centric approach, recognizing that both victories and defeats are shared experiences.