Detroit Lions CB Jerry Jacobs fined by NFL

Detroit Lions CB Jerry Jacobs fined by NFL.

Detroit Lions CB Jerry Jacobs fined by NFL

The NFL's Week 8 fines have landed, and it's not good news for the Detroit Lions. On Saturday, we reported that linebacker Jack Campbell had been fined for a hit on Jimmy Garoppoo, and we have now learned that cornerback Jerry Jacobs has also been slapped with a fine for his on-field action against the Raiders. Campbell faces a $14,871 fine for an illegal hit on the quarterback, while Jacobs was fined $5,229 for unnecessary roughness.

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Why Jerry Jacobs Was Fined

Jacobs found himself on the wrong side of an exceedingly rare NFL penalty, that of an illegal low block on the defense. In a nutshell, during a play directed towards his area of the field, Jacobs resorted to an unconventional move, targeting the lead blocker with a low cut at the knees, resulting in the penalty being called. This uncommon violation serves as a testament to the intricacies of the game and the need for players to navigate the fine line between aggressive play and adherence to the rulebook.

Why Jack Campbell Was Fined

Campbell's incident resulting in the penalty transpired during the fourth quarter of Monday night's game at Ford Field. As Raiders quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo released a pass, Campbell displayed tremendous effort to disrupt the play. Nevertheless, the heightened intensity of the moment resulted in a low tackle, which was deemed a violation of the roughing-the-passer rule. The officiating crew swiftly penalized the play, granting the Raiders an additional 15 yards and a renewed set of downs.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. NFL fines for Week 8 have been revealed.
  2. Detroit Lions' Jack Campbell was fined $14,871 for an illegal hit on the quarterback.
  3. Lions' Jerry Jacobs was fined $5,229 for an illegal low block on the defense.
Jack Campbell talks about his new role Jack Campbell Fined By NFL

Bottom Line: Dan Campbell Weighs in on Jacobs Penalty

“They put that in two years ago and it was the—that’s the crack back,” Campbell said. “You’re running a sweep, tackles cannot cut corners anymore. Like if you’re a pulling tackle or tight end or fullback you cannot take the legs out of – and neither can corners take the legs out of a lineman.”

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